If you could ask any Acolyte a question, who would you ask? Put your question in the comments!
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St. John

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To my hot Ragin' Cajin, Remy Etienne LeBeau aka Gambit. Why did you join Acolyte and would you marry me if you were real? :heart:
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two questions, prob. u guys thought them too
mags, y the helmet
and do you think pietro is gay? how will you react to this?
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Piotr,how is your family? :( :iconsniffplz:
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hey gambit, do you think when rogues a bit older you'd go out with her? Where would you take her?
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Erik: do Wanda and Pietro know about their half-sister Lorna Dane aka Polaris.
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To St. John aka Pyro: Did Magneto ever find out about your gleeful and repeated viewings of his demise? If so, what did he do to you?
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To Victor: Are you and Logan brothers? Please,tell me something you did together,like a dangerous mission,a riot....
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All:Who's 'pet' r u........it's a weird ? But there's some1 all of u like n stuff....OH VICTOR!!!how do u feel about the hole victorXlogan hail parrings I think it's kinda funny n kool even though u 2 r bros n stuff
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Hey victor!?wats it like being u?!?!?!?!?
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Erik: Have you ever put beer in your helmet and drunk out of it?
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Dear Piotr: Do you have a crush on someone? A certain Shadowcat, perhaps? :3
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I've got 3 ? They are:1:remy do you like rogue , 2:John do you like Wanda , 3:peter who do you like
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Ohey I never did questions for these guys...!

Piotr! Do magnets ever stick to you? D:
(if the answer to that was yes: Erik! Were you responsible for those magnets sticking to Piotr >:I)

Sabes! Do you eat your veggies or are you a T-bone steak served rare kind of man?

Jason! Do you have a family? Would you like one?

Remy! You know Stormy? What is your opinion of her?

St. John! Don't you ever get burned? Not even sunburn?
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First, the most obvious question: Who the hell designed that stupid helmet? And the question everybody's subconsciously thinking about: Does Mags wear it because it "keeps out nosy bald telepaths" or because it makes his voice sound cooler and his eyes all glowy? Hmmm..... :iconthinkplz:
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To Pyro: Do you name your lighters?
To Piotr: What type of metal are you made out of?
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*slow on the draw >_>*
St. John, is there anything you won't set on fire?
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To all: Drinks on me! What you having?

Mags: What do you miss most from your old friendship with Xavier?

Piotr: What's the best defense for keeping a sneaky thief and a sugar-high fire bug out of your room?
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Poor Jason have no love!
Jason! Why you creepy? And why work for Magneto? (No offense, Erik...)
Erik: why all your lackeys only there out of coercion? Why you no have friends?
Remy: Why the horrible haircut? I get that it...works for you...but...it's kinda weird looking.
Erik: Do you sleep with your helmet on?
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Remy: If you no hook up with Rogue, you hook up with me instead? No r/l man is good enough any more.
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To my Ragin' Cajun: Will you come home with me and be mine?? :love:

Also: Why Rogue?? (I don't dislike her. He just can do way better.)

And: Will you marry me?? :heart:

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Piotr- Why do you keep working with the other acolites? it's obvious that you aren't like the rest of them so why put yourself through that?
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Remy: What's your favorite card game?
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