And finally, if you could ask any human a question, who would you ask? Put your question in the comments! (This is the last in this series of polls ^_^ )
102 votes
Colonel Furey
Risty (Wait... what?!)

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To Amanda: May I please kill you? Meow :3 

Kurt belongs with Kitty. Love 
Deal with it. Stare 
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Colonel Fury: Gimme some dirt on Logan!
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To Amanda: How awesome is it to be dating Kurt? How nervous were you when you asked him to the Sadie Hawkins? How is your relationship with him since Apocalypse? Do your parents still not know?
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To Amanda: Wai must you take Kurt away from meh?!
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Risty: Was there ever really a Risty before Mystique came along, or is she an entirely made-up persona?
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Paul!! Backstory! Backstory!!!! I love you!! You so random!!
Webber: just a comment: You need more love. You only get, like, 2 episodes. You need more.
Risty: When were you Risty? All the time? Did you have a house that Rogue came to visit? How did you get that car? How did Logan not notice when you visited?
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to Paul: why not press for your own spin off show
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Amanda: How the relationship with the fuzzy one (Kurt)?

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Amanda: How cool is it to be dating kurt?
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To Amanda: Why did you steal Kurt from meeeeee?! :noes:
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To Col. Fury: Do you have a collection of different eye-patches? Because I've seen him in various incarnations, and he's had white ones, red ones, black ones and even a blue one.
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Paul...Who -are- you exactly?
We see you, like, four times.
You never talk more than a word or two.
Just... How do I even know who you are?!
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To Taryn, why all of a sudden your a traitor to make Jean Jealous? I thought you two are best friends or something.
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