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Fat La Rehost

So !Commander-Luminaire left deviantart, taking his deviations with him. Including our beloved fatla. I'm here to rehost it so I, and you, can use it once again.

I DID NOT CREATE THIS. NOT MINE. It is the intellectual property of !Commander-Luminaire

If you have superdAmn, please vote down the unworking fatla, and vote this up. Until this version is working under :fatla:, you can use this emote under the code :lardla:
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it's good to see more body diversity in the media.
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can i favorite this A THOUSAND times!? :D
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related, but home made. :thumb265775919:
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it didnt work, and i cant delete the post
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Why bother with that when we can use the account icon of fatla? :P
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Because many chats I belong to don't allow icons.
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You know you could just contact =zachriel (cloud creator) using the email address in her final journal and politely asks she swaps the codes instead of having to mess about with voting :paranoid:
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Maybe I'll try that... Maybe... :paranoid:
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