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P2U: Woodland Background Pack

I have created 6 premade misty woodland backgrounds for you to use on your own tags & bases!
Download includes all of the images previewed above!
They are 150x150 size & come with a faded boarder (as previewed) or full 150x solid options

Grab the whole pack

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Beautiful <3
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These are so pretty Evlon. What do you mean by Tags and Bases?
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P2U: Spitz or Hound Base by EvlonArts
Basically little 150x150 pieces of art to be used for icons/avatars/whathaveyou.  
They are very popular on some of the websites I frequent, in fact my sona Evlon has a lot of them horded up ahah
I think of them as tiny inexpensive arts for your characters :>

Tags generally means the finished coloured image you can wear
Bases are the psd/sai file that can be recoloured to suit your needs
Some people also make 100% custom tags, which these BG could be thrown behind as well.

[c] Running Puppy Base by EvlonArts
With a background you end up with one like this!  
Colour to suit the character, and choose a background :)

These have no base over them, and are meant to be able to be used on any base/tag you own by simply layering them under them! 
ZJaSkZj by EvlonArts + one of the BG from this pack = TagFox by EvlonArts
(That tag was made by Alcemistnv and I placed the BG under it with permission :) )
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Oooooooooooh. I get it.