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2016 Tag Bases

Collection of all the tag bases I did during 2016 over on FP.
There's 40 in total here.  There was a lot of learning & experimenting with these!

Most of these were done for other people, but a few can be found here available for recolor orders.
The very last one is a free to use base
F2U: Christmas Tail Tag by EvlonArts

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love these *w* makes me want to dig out my old account to commission chars on these!

the ones on the linked site, can we commission through here? O:
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yep yep, I don't limit my sales & stuff to just FP (hence I listed multiple currencies for them on the linked site :D )
Also I remember you play FR and I've actually made 1 base in this style there:
Playful Coatl by EvlonArts
(FR just calls them adopts, but it's exactly the same thing LOL)
toomoko's avatar
haha yeah i know, its so dumb fr calls them that xD

Would you be interested in FR gem currency at all? O: i have so much from past sales that i was just waiting for your thread to open up again to commission a few things XD (including i was wondering, a tag base for the species i had you base a while back? I dont know how much you charge or i missed the notice somwhere >w>; )

Coatls arent my thing on fr--imps and bogs though!-- but i really love that base.
EvlonArts's avatar
I would! I'm closed on FR right now but plan to re-open after Gala since I'm setting up a little shop in the Ice artist's thing:…
(it's just sketches + the coatl base)
When my FR shop re-opens it'll basically be the same prices (but in the 1usd = 100gem ratio) so you can get an idea on how I price my tag bases :>

I have sketches for a Fae, Imp & Guardian waiting for me to base them out like the coatl, so eventually there should be some more in the shop haha  I'll poke wert into making more breed sketches after those (they are collaborative works, wert sketches, I finish them out)
toomoko's avatar
ahh im shadow not ice ; ;

i have alot of gems xD i can def get a few things ordered when you reopen there--so cant wait now! I really wish i could spare some $ now but maybe in a week or two. still hope to expand the world the Jeskeri come from with a few other species i would love you to base!

//totally buzzing now

*w* you def gotta tag me when you reopen the fr shop proper! fingers crossed on having some spare cash soon too!
EvlonArts's avatar
Gala art shop is all flight, so you're not excluded for being Shadow :D

And yep, yep, at least now you have an ETA on when it's going back up at least, and I'll be sure to ping you!  The Jeskeri are really cute, and I hope you do expand on their world! I really like seeing people make & create head worlds, it's always pretty fun :>
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Wow, these are beautiful. I absolutely love the third one from the end, wonderful art! <3
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