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Can only concur with what has already been said. The scene as a whole is impressive, but the throughlit gills especially so.

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So wonderfully earthy and rich with detail :clap:

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The frills are just gorgeous. Very picturesque

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Thank you! UwU

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molded bread zoomed in

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Beautiful!! I love the soft, dim lighting!

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Wow, what an amazing piece! Such lush variety! I want to be there.

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Giant mushroom landscapes are always awesome. I'm impressed both with just how many mushrooms you managed to fit in here, and how much variety there is among them!

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Glad you like it! Thank you :D

OldHeadEd's avatar doesn't look like that in Sonic & Knuckles. But good stuff! =P

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It wasn't meant to look like that. Thank you! :3

Would make rad concept art for a game level
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eerie and fairy at the same time. Nice illu, really


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Thank you for your kind words! :heart:

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I love the style and color palette you have in this piece, very cool.
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Wow, awesome style and colors you've got here. c:

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Thank you! =^-^=

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