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Revulsion settled over her like a dark shroud of depression, sending vile shudders of hatred and bitter resentment throughout her body, down to her very bones. She could feel the living wood twitching and crawling, every inch of her glorious naked form overcome with despair and shame as the tree's unholy, seething tendrils drilled into her delicate flesh, peeling through layers of sinew and bone, becoming one with her nervous system. She could feel the tree, its roots, its leafs, as surely as the tree now controlled her heartbeat, the pace and pattern of her breath, evening daring to rewire the very synapses of her brain, rewriting her personality, erasing the daring, brash girl zealous for power and lustful for riches, turning her into a void, soulless wretch, a tormented puppet on a string. Hints of her old self bubbled up now and then, serving as a reminder of what she once was, what she could never be again. Slowly, her body melted deeper into the harsh, unforgiving wood, her mind dissolving ever further into ceaseless torment penetrating every fiber of her being - physical, mental and even unto the spiritual.

If she had any hope of rescue, it would come from without, but after what she had done to turn aside so many former friends, whoever would even bother coming to look for her, let alone release her from this anguish? Briefly, her old self leapt up, screaming and sobbing, only for the trees haunted vines to snatch her back down into the dreadful abyss, only the echo of her howls disappearing in the remnants of her once great, now shattered, mind.

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I'm so grateful to you for sharing this. It is so interesting to read your interpretations! The text reflects the atmosphere perfectly and it is very close to my initial idea.

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очень приятное сочетание цветов. красиво!"

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loved your work, inspired me to do a version of my own

its a bit naughty, but i always thought that people get corrupt doing things that feel good, like sex and drugs and committing crime for easy gain

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That's simply awesome! Great artwork :love:

As for the message I quite agree with you, but in my work I concentrated more on "pure evil", murderous cruel spirit who gets transformed by its deeds and woven into a tree.

Reminds me of the Matriarch from the Autodale series!

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The color temperature and hue shifting going on here is wild! Your anatomy is great too it's not easy showing off the ribcage haha. I hope to see more from you soon!

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Aww, thanks! UwU

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a vary interesting concept it looks stunning in appearance.

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Looks beautiful! I don't get a sense of corruption however.

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How gorgeous. What an amazing painting :)

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Well said silvercap. Very evococative, especially when viewed through that lense.
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If legend of Zelda breath of the wild
Had a girl awakening
Instead of link
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I wish I knew more about the lore of this legendary game

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Me too
But still the game is one of the best

A young girl who's naked soul is literally wrapped around by her own corruption. The soul's skin is dark blue to symbolizes it's fall from grace.

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