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Erin Solstice And Ryoka Griffin by Evionth Erin Solstice And Ryoka Griffin by Evionth
I recently binged The Wandering Inn, a fantastic web serial starring the classic trope of "oops, I accidentally got summoned to a fantasy world" with game elements, and deconstruction and reconstruction, and one of the most horrifying fantasy takes on really bad things in general. And I wanted to do art for something that I enjoyed so very much.

Our female protagonist Erin ends up with the [Innkeeper] class and a lot of unlikely friends, and Ryoka, our subsequent co-protagonist who shuns leveling and the entire game world. Absolutely zero romance which may be a plus or minus to people, but is really quite refreshing period.

I had a lot of fun drawing them, and I experimented more with my general skills in shaping and character design and it feels real good to draw and I'm happy with the results. (I do have sort of sketches of other characters, of which I really would like to get into the non-humans but that would have taken forever, and I only just managed to refine these enough. (The Antinium have made me cry twice, and i shockingly love them? But everybody is good.)

You can read it here! (Probably binging the 100,000+ words in two days isn't a good idea tho, don't be like me.)

(you can tell something is good when you stay up so late to work on stuff, and also read it. Im goinng to bed now, and it's 3 am.)
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