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Realistic Weirdness

Soooo... one day I felt like doing something in a vaguely realistic style. The idea gripped me to attempt Gaius's current 75% pegasus form from his Island of Doctor Moreau incarnation, because surely the realism would serve to make his weird features look even weirder! I think it worked to a degree, and it was a fun challenge. I liked the picture, so I threw some color on it!

Plain pencil version can be found here: [link]
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I followed a link here, and I'm not disappointed.
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John Travolta the Horse-Faced Abomination!
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He looks like the lovechild between John Travolta and a horse.
RA-Biohazard's avatar
He lloks like Hugh Jackman! haha!
WraythSkitzifrenik's avatar

Sorry, it had to be said. This is majorly cool!
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actually, if you crop out the neck and ear part, this could almost look like a nice (hairy) guy.

BTW sent by TvTropes.
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Ha! Uncanny Valley trope or something? ;) And thanks!
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That is one of the funniest things I've seen in weeks.
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That thing will haunt my dreams. I CANNOT UNSEE IT.
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Heeeeey, someone put this on the TVTropes page for the Uncanny Valley!
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Huh, how uncanny! ;) Thanks for the heads-up there, I haven't really poked around that website, so it's good to know!
He makes me think of Chris Pontius (the guy from Jackass and Wildboyz) a little.

The color rendering is very interesting in the piece.
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It reminds me of Creed's Scott Stapp... hmm that's peculiar.
thats awesome!
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it would be totall sick (in the good way) to do a full body of that :faint: or of any character, I LOVE the look of this style :D
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Oy! I don't think I'd have the endurance to do a full-body picture like that! @.o I'm fond of the style too, but that's beyond my ability right now! XD
Diabolo-Spinner's avatar
haha well if you do, then im cheerin for ya! :D ;p great stuff on all the IoDM work!
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haha wow that looks great!
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I said it once, I'll say it again- I totally adore this piece XD it's really interesting to see how the design translated into realism! The guy would be so funny looking XD Bet he's glad to at least have furr now to hide the horseyness?
evion's avatar
Ahaha, thank you! XD It was a really fun design to translate, especially with the beard stuff and proto-muzzle. Dunno that he's any happier now, though, considering most of the humanity is gone from his face! I think it's mostly just his eyes left, neh?
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yeah, prettymuch! Although personally Id' imagine them to be horseeyes, I just always draw cartoonish eyes XD so it's however you'd want to play! eitherway they'd be blue!
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Hmmm, ya know, that's an interesting thought. Do you think the pupils are more rectangular then? And the irises a bit larger than on a normal person?
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possibly! :O I know that woudl be my vote for cool! I think if I were to do a realistic version he'd at least have horse-shaped pupils even if the eyes themselves were still human. >:3

I still need to attempt realistic Billy but I dunno if I could manage that XD
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