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Black Rabbit of Inle

Just watched Watership Down the other night, hadn't experienced it or the book as a kid. I can definitely see how that movie could traumatize kids, there's a lot of freaky images with dying bunnies and blood. What weirded me out was the spectre of the Black Rabbit of Inle, the grim reaper of the bunnies. He was just a silhouette with red eyes in the movie, but I thought it'd be neat to draw from our vision of the grim reaper with the skull-head. I don't normally do that kind of thing, so it was a fun exercise.

Sorry if it's really dark, I wanted it to be super-shadowy!
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That movie traumatized me when i was small. it still affects me Dx
However, this is so beautiful and frightening.
Very good.
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this is the best depiction of the Black Rabbit I have ever seen. Creepy and fantastic. I love it.
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Lol I remember watching that movie for the first time when I was like, 5. I dunno why it didn't really scare me... I'm guessing I was too young and simpleminded to comprehend anything more than, "look katie (my rabbit I used to have), the death bunny looks just like you!"
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I read the book and I loved it and great job on the anatomy and everything espically the detail on the face
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THE BOOK IS BETTER. I've never seen the cartoon, but I can tell you right now the book is WAAAAAAAY BETTER!!!!
The Black Rabbit of Inle' doesn't look like that, but awesome pic anyway!
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I know he doesn't, this was more an "inspired by..." type idea. ;) That and I've seen other people do neat skull-headed creatures, it just happened that Watership Down was what drove me to try it!

I'll definitely try to get my hands on a copy of the book somewhere!
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Ah, well that makes sense! (I'll probably end up doing some sort of skull-headed creature sometime anyway. XD)
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hi, can i use this on a flyer?
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Yeah, that should be fine. :)
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thank you so much! ill show you when its ready.
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here it is, i hope you like it! ty again!
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This is sensational
Scary, and dark, yet awesome, my friend! ^^
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I've never seen the movie, but loved the book. It's obviously been too long since I read it because I don't recognize the C. That being said, ... Wow! Is all I can say.

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i wouldn't advise the movie personally
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Well... that looks really... grim. Inlé-rah looks quite spooky there! Can you imagine the mommies' reactions to THIS if it were in the Watership Down movie?
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You might be interested to know that :iconzooni: draws the grim reaper lepine as well.
The character of Bunnaroo is classified as a member of the "Black Rabbits", number 7. Black Rabbits are Bunatia's elite agents, answering only to the Military Minister and the Empress (She of the Big Hare) herself. When activated, a Black Rabbit outranks even the highest of generals, though rarely needs to invoke that privilege.

I like your version, very much...
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Ooh, this looks really impressive. I always found the Black Rabbit to be the most frightening character in the book, and this certainly does justice to that image.
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LOVE how u portrayed him!!!! great job!!!
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Once upon a time children were given more credit for being able to handle the facts of life and death...and I think they could...because children weren't as sheltered back then, so they matured faster. I watched this MANY times as a child. I remember being frightened by Fiver's visions and by the images of the rabbits suffocating in their burrows...but I ADORED the movie regardless, and always wanted to watch it again.

This image is AWESOME. A wonderful 'realistic' portrayal of the Black Rabbit. I wouldn't have minded if he looked that way in the movie. :3
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I remember movies like An American Tail and others that were very hard emotionally during the movie, but everything worked out for a happy ending, which I greatly appreciate. I too prefer the animated movies that are willing to delve into more mature subjects and don't try to sugar-coat everything too much.
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Yes. If you can grow up and still enjoy watching it, then it qualifies as a good one in my book. The Secret of NIMH was another excellent one which might be considered "too scary" for kids these days...
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i loved this film as a kid. i never found it scary , i started wacthing it at the age of six and still do :D i want the book so badly :eager:
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I really like this picture and the way you portrayed the Black Rabbit of Inle. I love the atmosphere.

lol. Yeah, that definitely wasn't a kid movie. x)
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Thanks! It's amusing looking back at things we watched as kids now that we're adults. So many things I missed or just didn't understand! ;)
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