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This a sequel to “Paperback”, my dark version of “My Fair Lady”.  For the sake of clarity, this one involves “Paperback’s” narrator and his hypnotically created version of Stella.
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Very nice I love returning to Paperback.  Since we can't continue in the "fictional" story this was the only way we could enjoy this.  
Yes, the conclusion of the “real” Stella Stryker story will have to live in our dreams.

Thank you for reading it.
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Mordred, you state you didn't know if Paperback, a true layered, all time classic story in my estiimation needed a sequel. It did not. Unless you managed to write something that expanded and amplified the narrators story.

As you do so well you portrayed so much in the story, both overtly and implicitly.

The Doctor's awesome power and influence is shown simply by the building he occupies. What it looks like, the technology there, what he has done and what he is capable of doing. It is the place of genius with all it's trappings. Anyone who enters there is totally helpless at his whim or desire.

Another thing you are a master craftsman at is developing characters, situation and plot twists in an amazing small amount of space in a story that is not long. That is amazing facility and in this case left me shaking my head in wonder because you pulled it off so well.

You brought Sefa and Stefan to true life, their personalities, abilities, very strong in Sefa, or lack of in Stefan's case and established such a strong motive for their visit to the Doctors shop of horrors. And it was establishing their personalities, who each was that really set the table for what happens next all the way down the line to the end.

As I read the story and Sefa returned the hypnotized woman's kiss I felt it was out her character. She was too smart and too clever and under control of her emotions to allow herself to respond like that in front of the Doctor even if she was turned on by it. I felt that way because of the great job you did in establishing her character. But like the great writer you are who has a full understanding of the characters you create, you eventually gave the answer to her atypical reaction: the drugged lipstick! So very good!

Then of course came the ultimate curve ball twist I never saw coming. Sefa was already a minion of the Doctor. A plant used by a genius who is always five steps ahead of anyone else. Not only a great plot twist but such a commentary on the Doctor, truly an awesome, frightening force he is.

And finally, perhaps most horrifically, yet also sadly, he found the need to create his own Stella from his childhood comic book. This also says so much about him. He replaced the love of his life, that he lost, with a comic book character. Oh man.

If outward appearances reflect the inner person, the Doctor is the apotheosis of this with his withered, crippled form. Despite all his genius and accomplishments, what a tragic figure he is. And he has spread that tragedy to his minions including the poor girl who was someone else once and is now Stella, the reflection of his madness. What a great story you have written.

Oh and last but not least, the MC is this story, like it's esteemed predecessor, is very, very detailed, clever and hot.

Did Paperback need a sequel? No. But in this case you wrote a story that was equal to the original in plot and tone and added so much to our understanding of one of the great characters I have ever read about in MC fiction.

You took a huge chance in adding to your classic. But you made it pay off big time with total brilliance. All the readers are the beneficiary's of your bold, successful attempt.

I am so glad you decided to post this story. Thank you.

You’ll never know how much your kind words and thoughtful analysis means to me.  It may be pretentious of me, but I always intended  “Paperback” as a kind of tragedy, and, perhaps, a confession of how my fetish has at times affected my life when I’ve given it too large a part.
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Thank you for those sweet, nice words. I appreciate that very much.

No pretension. I understand the confession and how you translated it into this story and the character of the Doctor and what a strong fetish can lead to. Can't tell you how many countless, lost hours of my life have gone to my same fetish. Our shared fetish. It's often fun, but sometimes, frequently I think, What am doing this for? Is this really worth all the time I am giving? Isn't there something else, better, I can be doing with this time? When I was young and healthy, time seemed eternal to me. Now....not so much and I wonder....even as I continue to bow to it, as a slave to the master.
Yes, the view of ones mortality can create perspective.   On the plus side, I do look to the friendships I’ve made, and you are certainly a prime example.  I love our conversations can range from politics, culture, and Tanya’s plunging cleavage swimming suit in “Attack Angels”.
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Yes Mordred. Agreed on all counts there, especially the friendship part and conversation and shared thoughts on so many subjects, even the horrific tractor beams. Tanya's neckline was mesmerizing. As for pure looks, what I like, she was my all time favorite angel so in my lovely, sick, disturbed MC mind I am eternally grateful that she was the one who go it in that show. The MC gods were very kind to me during the producers meetings. 'Chancellor Palpatines voice': Very good!
I’m also partial to Jaclyn Smith’s Kelly in “The Seance.”  She was a decent actress and brought a real vulnerability I. Her hypnosis scenes.  Plus, she was barefoot in one of them.
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A fantastic continuation of the tale. I love that "Stella" has become a real life creation, doing exactly what Matt Gunner imagined she would be doing when he wrote "The Svengali Device." And yet there's a hint of tragedy at play here as well as both "Stella" and our Narrator play out their roles as planned. At this point, it rings more than a bit hollow. 
Thank you.  I always meant “Paperback’s” narration to be the real story, and a tragedy.
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Great model and a wonderful story built around her outfit!
Thank you.  I don’t know if “Paperback”needed a sequel, but I saw the pic and out came the story.
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