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Just a couple of hypnosis scenes from a movie I wish was real.  Some of the scenes are homages (stolen) from two of my favorite mainstream movies.  Both were made in Great Britain in the 60’s.  See if you can identify them.
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Maurislave's avatar
As always your ability to make me feel as if I'm watching a genre of movie I've never even seen is unmatched. You really are a master of deploying tropes in just the right way.

I very much enjoyed the little bits of description of Marla's hypnotic experience. Leaves me hungry for more (and maybe even some more of poor Fao Ling's perspective). And it is especially nice to see our archetypal hero cut down to size by a brainwashed woman, even if her Master is just as despicable!
Thank you so much.  You always put such great thought in your comments, and you are such an accomplished writer.  That’s why I always look forward to your comments.

I view these shorter tales as scenes from movies I wanted to see.
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Very nice! Okay, one I think is The Brides of Fu Manchu?
Close, but no.  If you want, Ill note you the answers.
quadee365's avatar

... Sigh

Mordred, Mordred, Mordred... Ever the romantic of us all, I see. The love of a man versus the manipulative schemes of a dastardly villain, I know it well, haha...

Your writings always have such clarity of purpose, of meaning. I never feel as if any line in your stories could be omitted, either for their direct or indirect purposes to the story as a whole. That is a quality I cannot even attribute to myself, and so I am always impressed.

Although, I must admit, there is one line that made me laugh out loud when I read it: " Sarkin stood still in the middle of the room, his eyes closed, his hand on his temple." It's not a very funny line, I know, but it made me laugh because, out of all of the lines in the story, this showed your age. I could vividly picture the scene of an old black-and-white movie, complete with the "mystical" sound effects of the day. The humor was entirely unintentional and personal on my part, but still, I appreciate it.

Always good reading you, Mordred.

Thank you.   You know  I think you are a gifted writer.  I work hard at it, like I know you do.  As you know, I’ve been working on a somewhat more complex series of heavily plotted novellas (The Dupuis Mysteries) and I needed a short break from them.  This story was just a fun throwaway, a chance to just write Hypno for the sake of Hypno.

You're right about the mental summons scene being an example of hypnotic Nostalgia.  I grew up before the internet, and my. Fetish was built on watching old, mainstream movies and television shows.  This story, in particular, tried to recapture the tropes of those scenes.
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Amazing! Scumbag stage hypnotists are my favorite, and I loved how he betrayed his assistant too. Providing the resolution in a brief note at the end was a good way to make the excellent hypno scenes feel like part of a larger story without distracting from what we're all here for. I have no idea where to even begin to guess what movies influenced this, but if the quality of this story is any indication then I'm sure those movies are terrific!
Thanks, and good to hear from you.   I’m writing a series of heavily plotted connected stories, and it was nice to toss one off quickly with little plot.
4321Sleep's avatar
Fantastic as always! I love the flashbacks as we see how Maria fell under Sarkin's spell.

As for the movies, I suspect that "The Devil Rides Out" is one of them.
Thanks for the kind words and Fave.  You were close, but no cigar on the guesses.  Let me know if you want the answers in a note.
SoftSubmission's avatar
Just lovely Mordred. Such a great short in plot and MC. You hit all the marks. Open ending that leans very dark. I love it!!

"Like all of her guests, her shoes were checked at the gangway to protect the teak deck."

Yes Mordred, I'm sure, to protect the teak deck...

As for the two films? I'll take a stab at Brides of  Fu Manchu earlier on in the story and for the later part there was a movie about a hypnotist who would thrall women, and a man, and eventually put their minds or spirit in a puppet he used in his act. I think that  is the other film. I can't remember the name of it though. I'm sure you do.


Thanks friend.  It was a fun one to write.  As for your guesses.............I’ll note you.
Very nice I'm sure these are Hammer references but I'll have to think about them.  A story and a puzzle!!  Back to the story itself i enjoyed it a great deal.  I like how you handled the boring bits we never watched or read in three sentences at the end.  :) 
Thanks.  Let me know if you give up.   As for the end, who wants to see the hypnotist lose!
So well done! Thank you! 
You’re very welcome, I’m glad you liked it, and hope you keep coming back.
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