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Untitled Drawing by EVILTWINMORDRED

Erin was asleep, yet she was not.  

Her eyes were closed, yet her bare feet were steady and unhesitant in their stride. They walked as if they themselves were under the spell, moving under the command of an alien will that had bypassed the woman’s sleepy mind.  Bathed in the crimson hue from intermittent windows, she padded from her room to the hallway, then to the stairs, then to the entranceway.

Soon, the cool night air and the surface under her soles told the sleeper she was outside.  First she felt the tickle of the damp lawn between her toes, then the cool, smooth concrete of the garden pathway.  It just didn’t matter to her.  It could have been broken glass or burning coals, and it wouldn’t have mattered.  What did matter was obeying the insistent Voice calling to her.

”Erin......Erin......Come to will come to must come to me.”

The Voice was right.  Her somnolent mind accepted without a trace of doubt that the voice was always right.  So, on and on she strode, her eyes closed, her head tilted back, her breasts thrust forward as if she was presenting herself.  She was a gorgeous somnambulist under a blood red moon.

”Obey me...You must obey me...You must come to me.”  The Voice grew stronger, more commanding.

”Yes...obey you.....”, she whispered as she walked.  Her waking mind would have been indignant at the submissive utterances, but now the words flowed effortlessly from her lips.  It was if the spell had spread from her feet to her mouth without even  involving her mind.

The Voice, if that was what it really was, never told her where to go.  Yet her feet continued their purposeful stride.  

She finally came to a stop next to the statute of Persephone eating the pomegranate. Her feet came together and she halted.  

For a time, she stood there without a hint of motion other than the slow rise and fall of her breasts.  Her arms hung limp at her sides.

She waited, as if she had joined the collection of garden statutes, dressed in her toga like nightgown.  

After a while, she sensed that someone or something was suddenly standing in front of her.  There had been no sound of an approach, It was just suddenly there, as if It had simply materialized.

”Pretty, Pretty Erin.  Now, you may open your eyes.”  

The “voice” was more thought than sound.  It seem to resonate deep within her sleeping mind.  It took a moment for her eyes to adjust, just in time for her to see what looked like smoke coalesce into a vaguely human form with burning red eyes.  Was it male or female? Erin’s absolute truth was that it didn’t matter.  As she lost herself in the terrible, beautiful eyes, all she could believe was that it was perfect.

The figure, still part mist, wafted towards her.  Soon she felt embraced by “arms” that were sometimes solid, sometimes not.  She felt moist pressure on her lips, which began slowly moving.  Then a tongue seemed to materialize in her mouth and began to play with hers.

Erin’s eyes closed as she sank into the bliss of the phantom kiss.  She sighed as tendrils of smoke became fingers caressing her breasts through the thin silk of her night gown.

The phantom lips and tongue left her mouth and moved to her right ear, then down the side of the neck.  Then, she felt a pressure on the side of her throat that turned into piercing pain.  Erin cried out, then gasped as the pain slowly turned into white hot pleasure.


Erin woke up, yet she didn’t.

She found herself on the ground, next to the statute of Persephone.  The birds were singing, and as her eyes focused, she saw the sun was rising.  Her neck was sore, and when she touched it, her hand came back with dried blood.  

Erin rose unsteadily to her feet.  The predawn air was cool and for a moment she was confused as to why she was outside clad only in her nightgown.  But then, from the depths of her mind, came the echoes of previous, whispered commands.  It was time for her to go inside.  She must move stealthily and avoid awakening the household staff.  She needed to wash the grime from her feet, and hide the healing wound to her long neck under a scarf.  

No one should know of her walk under the blood red moon.  Most important, the others must not know about her new lover, nor that Erin was now Its devoted slave.

Her heart quickened at these thoughts.  Master or Mistress, it didn’t matter.  She belonged to her lover, body and soul.  She would serve her lover in the daylight until It kissed her throat for the last time.

Erin smiled at the thought, and soon her bare feet were again moving, this time back towards the mansion.

There was so much for her to do.

Another small vampire scene.  After “Paperback”. I wanted to do a small, simple tale
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yobey's avatar
I can’t believe I totally forgot to comment when you posted this. How embarrassing.

You really have a way with more horror oriented hypnosis stuff. Which always works out wonderfully, as they say some of the best hypnosis stories would be horror stories to people who didn’t share our interest. The whole story and the way it’s written feels kind of surreal and almost dreamlike, which works to its benefit tremendously, what with the sleepwalking. And the vampire is just wonderful. In a world that’s still reeling from the disastrous effects of Twilight, you’re starting to restore my faith in vampires once again being actually scary. The idea to make your vampire this corporeal entity that we know nothing about was brilliant. In horror, less is almost always more. The inclusion of the line that she doesn’t even know its gender really cemented that idea. Great story, Mordred.
Thanks, Yobey.

To all my readers, Yobey has begun posting stories, and the first one up is a lot of fun.
robotunit8's avatar
Delicious story, loved it. Should I be grateful, or sad that Vampires wouldnt be interested in disabled old ladies with brain issues, lol? Great to see you writing again
Don’t sell yourself short.  And there are certainly better ways to achieve immortality, such as the kind support you show writers like me.

Thank you forall you do for this community..
CyrilQWellington's avatar
Absolutely great! Wonderful descriptions set a luscious scene!
Thank you.  This was very much a ”scene”, and as such it was fun to write as I was free from coming up with an elaborate plot as I do with my longer stories.  Also, the picture itself wrote the story.

Here is the original:

57f0c67b-c884-4a03-9c2b-0956ee7c9de4 by EVILTWINMORDRED
SoftSubmission's avatar
This was such an atmospheric, creepy hot scene. You can just imagine and dread the monster that awaits poor Erin. It's a revanent, from the grave and it feeds on the living. And that has always been dream like scary stuff. The stuff of nightmares.

That blood red moon, foreshadow anyone?

Maybe my favorite little Mordred trick here was Erin stopping at the statue of Persephone. This is two fold, she is the goddess of vegetation and grain which comes from the earth, the soil. She is also the wife of Hades and rules the underworld with him. The vampire of course is a creature of soil and blood. Such lovely imagery there and so sophisticated. You really have to love it. Now here is something else that really struck me, her mother is Demeter and the ship Dracula came to England on is......the Demeter!! Don't really know what to say about that except WOW. Is Mordred thinking five steps ahead using Persephone?

We never really get to see the vampire in true corporeal form. And in this short story, isn't that for the best? Isn't better leaving it to the imagination? He, or she, is as elusive and mystical and for Erin, terrifying as it is for us because we know.....the revanent, the thing waiting for her.

It is this story and some other shorts that really makes me wish Mordred would write that long, killer, classic vampire story that I know he has in him. He knows it too.

Maybe someday......

robotunit8's avatar
Who says its a monster? Who says she isnt Persephone reborn?
SoftSubmission's avatar

I just did in my comment. Clearly. lol.
Thanks for the thoughtful comment.   I did want to make this vampire more of a “thing”...gender neutral, barely corporeal.  I wanted it to be an “it”, whereas the Vampire in “Barefoot Rescue” is far more still a “person”

i think one one of the reasons I haven’t written a long multi part vamp tale is I hate that the mesmerized often end up dead.
SoftSubmission's avatar

You are the author. The mesmerized can end up as you will it. And a few dead people never hurt any good story hehe.
True, my dark and bloodthirsty friend
SoftSubmission's avatar


I cannot deny what you said since I am also honest.
4321Sleep's avatar
I absolutely loved the description of her journey from the house to the garden. Everyone knows that feeling of wet grass or cool concrete on their feet, and it really places the reader right there alongside our hypnotized victim. 

The fact that she awakens with the knowledge that she is now a slave to the vampire that claimed her is a delicious turn of events. 

(I never did understand why vampires were always too lazy to send their victims back to bed directly after feeding on them... must be in the rulebook.)
They’re just not that considerate as a group.
4321Sleep's avatar
How unfortunate! The vampire from Barefoot Rescue seemed polite enough...
Of course, he needed a favor or two.....,
zombieslavegirl's avatar
I'm not really into vampires, but this was good. There were some lovely details I really enjoyed. Nicely done! :)
Thank you. Many vampire tales have great Hypno/summoning/sleepwalk scenes, an I just tried to replicate one.
zombieslavegirl's avatar
They do! This was an interesting version of that idea.
I’m curious as to the details you found interesting
KimberCo's avatar
Lovely classical-horror vampirism.
This is another example of the picture writing the story. 

Thanks for commenting.
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