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Dracula Landscape

Looking at a dracula type castle across a landscape
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Archanos's avatar
Very artistic! :D
Fantastic Work. This is how I imagine it.
Stormweather's avatar
This is simply incredible.  I truly wish I had even half of your skill as an artist.
M4ttne55's avatar
Very, very impressive. Gives a LOTR vibe for sure.
SilentArtists's avatar
May I use this in a noncommercial video? I will give credit
stako's avatar
This is my favorite castle landscape EVER! It's amazing... Wouldnt it be available in a higher resolution?...
Latvija-Fan's avatar
I can just say this *WOW*
Letheyann-Elethendyl's avatar
Simply awesome!!it just looks like the bran castle man!great artwork,congratulations!!
Wathrandir's avatar
O_O Wow. XD That looks so bloody cool!!! I love it! (Dark: I WANNA LIVE THERE!!!) You are the psychological manifestation of all my negative traits and emotions developed into a full blown alternate personality. The only way you're leavinng my head is by somehow gaining an independant physical form..... (Dark: Oh, I've been trying, little light. I just haven't found anything that works....) Good. *dryly* You having your own form would be a sign of the coming apocalypse, anyway. (Dark: I don't care. I WANT MY OWN BODY, DAMMIT!!!!) Absolutely not. (Dark: *whines* But..!) No. No, no, no, no, no. No. (Dark: *scowls* I hate you....) I know you do, my dear dark side. I know you do.
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