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also give me points please…
  • Listening to: MUCH WORDS
  • Reading: A BOOK
  • Watching: A COMPUTER >-
  • Eating: FOOD >-
  • Drinking: A DRINK
TheSaucySergal cant tab 
yer welcome 

09:53:52 PM* Knight-Th0rnnuzzles TheDarkLance's neck.
09:54:02 PM<Knight-Th0rn>I HAVE CHEESEBURGERS
09:54:16 PM* Knight-Th0rn:iconexcitedlaplz:
09:55:03 PM<TheDarkLance>Kitsunefireball: i wanna stick my meat in them buns
09:55:09 PM<TheDarkLance>nonono
09:55:16 PM<TheDarkLance>horrible tab pwn
09:55:23 PM<TheDarkLance>kill me now
09:55:31 PM<TheDarkLance>fuck my life
09:55:36 PM<Knight-Th0rn>lmfao
09:55:38 PM<Knight-Th0rn>ahahaha
09:55:42 PM<Knight-Th0rn>That was
09:55:52 PM<Knight-Th0rn>Kitsunefireball: He wants your buns
09:56:04 PM<TheDarkLance>IT WAS A HAMBURGER PUN
09:56:19 PM** Poisonnotehas joined
09:56:24 PM<Poisonnote>TheDarkLance: I FUCKING CHOKED
09:56:29 PM<Poisonnote>I'M DYING
09:56:32 PM<Itsul>Poisonnote: welcome back
09:56:49 PM* TheDarkLanceis back
09:56:56 PM<TheDarkLance>Kitsunefireball: i am SO SORRY
09:57:43 PM<EvilSickness>DarkPaladinCecil: youre dark chocolate im milk chocolate
09:57:46 PM<Kitsunefireball>oh
09:57:51 PM<Kitsunefireball>Nah is fine.
09:58:09 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>EvilSickness: I'm a reddish brown. You're just lighter than me. xD
09:58:28 PM<EvilSickness>im like caramel
09:58:59 PM<TheDarkLance>fuck ;n;
09:59:05 PM* TheDarkLancewhyyyyyyyyy
09:59:13 PM* TheDarkLancecurls up behind Kitsunefireball
09:59:17 PM<TheDarkLance>AGAIN
09:59:21 PM<TheDarkLance>FUCKING HELL
09:59:27 PM* DarkPaladinCecilbrushes his hands through his hair.
09:59:27 PM<TheDarkLance>GOD DA- RAAAAAAA
09:59:30 PM** TheDarkLancehas left
09:59:35 PM<Kitsunefireball>XD
09:59:40 PM<Kitsunefireball>this is amazing
09:59:42 PM** TheDarkLancehas joined
09:59:48 PM<TheDarkLance>:iconsawbplz:
09:59:55 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>I want Godzilla for my birthday.
10:00:19 PM<EvilSickness>DarkPaladinCecil: dreads
10:00:25 PM* TheDarkLancehides behind Knight-Th0rn, not wanting to be seen because God Damnit
10:00:28 PM<EvilSickness>oh i want godzilla
10:00:34 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>EvilSickness: Still my hair, woman.
10:00:54 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>And you can have Ghidorah. My Godzilla.
10:01:20 PM<Kitsunefireball>SOMEONE
10:01:24 PM<Kitsunefireball>LOG THIS IN A BOT
10:01:26 PM<Kitsunefireball>THIS IS PRICELESS
10:01:45 PM<EvilSickness>my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and damn right its better than yours, but i scream "GET OFF MY LAWN"
10:01:49 PM<TheDarkLance>NO
10:01:53 PM<TheDarkLance>Kitsunefireball: NO
10:01:58 PM<Kitsunefireball>YES
10:01:58 PM<TheDarkLance>Kitsunefireball: NO!!!
10:02:00 PM<Kitsunefireball>YES
10:02:06 PM<EvilSickness>i got it
10:02:07 PM<TheDarkLance>Kitsunefireball: NOOOOOOOOOOOO
10:02:12 PM<TheDarkLance>EvilSickness: DELETE IT WOMAN
10:02:14 PM<Kitsunefireball>YESSSSSS
10:02:18 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>EvilSickness: Old hag, don't like young'uns on your lawn.
10:02:19 PM<Kitsunefireball>EvilSickness: NOTE ME
10:02:19 PM<TheDarkLance>DELETE THE LOG
10:02:21 PM<Kitsunefireball>NO
10:02:22 PM** crazyjblhas joined
10:02:23 PM<TheDarkLance>NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:02:24 PM* Itsulsighs
10:02:28 PM<Kitsunefireball>YES
10:02:34 PM<Kitsunefireball>NOOOO
10:02:37 PM<TheDarkLance>IT WAS A TAB PWN
10:02:38 PM<crazyjbl>.-.
10:02:41 PM<Kitsunefireball>YES
10:02:42 PM<TheDarkLance>LET IT DIE OFF!!!
10:02:45 PM<Kitsunefireball>IT WAS AMAZING
10:02:47 PM<Kitsunefireball>NO
10:02:49 PM<Kitsunefireball>WE CANT LET THIS DIE
10:02:59 PM<TheDarkLance>DO IT NOW
10:03:04 PM<Kitsunefireball>DONT DELETE THEM
10:03:05 PM<Kitsunefireball>NOTE ME
10:03:08 PM<TheDarkLance>NO!
10:03:10 PM* DarkPaladinCecilmakes logs, just because.
10:03:13 PM<TheDarkLance>DELETE THEM
10:03:21 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>I shall share with the Tumblr rats!
10:03:23 PM<TheDarkLance>DarkPaladinCecil: DELETETHEM
10:03:29 PM<TheDarkLance>NO YOU BITCH
10:03:33 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>TheDarkLance: o3o
10:03:33 PM* Itsulis totally lost
10:03:33 PM<TheDarkLance>DELETE THE LOGS
10:03:45 PM<Kitsunefireball>NOOOOOO
10:03:46 PM<TheDarkLance>Kitsunefireball: NO
10:03:51 PM<TheDarkLance>DELETE
10:03:51 PM<Kitsunefireball>KITSUNEFIREBALL YES
10:03:56 PM<crazyjbl>Kitsunefireball: she still hates me? :I
10:04:00 PM<TheDarkLance>NOOOOOOOOOOOO
10:04:01 PM<Kitsunefireball>crazyjbl: who?
10:04:05 PM** EvilSicknesshas joined
10:04:06 PM<EvilSickness>i got it
10:04:06 PM<crazyjbl>Kitsunefireball: Lynn
10:04:08 PM<EvilSickness>guys
10:04:09 PM<Kitsunefireball>YESSSSSSS
10:04:11 PM<EvilSickness>dont worry
10:04:11 PM<Kitsunefireball>EvilSickness: whut
10:04:46 PM** EvilSicknesshas left [connection closed]
10:04:53 PM** EvilSicknesshas joined
10:04:53 PM<TheDarkLance>MOTHER FUCKERS
10:05:01 PM* TheDarkLancehits both Kitsunefireball and EvilSickness with a brick
10:05:03 PM<Itsul>Hatred levels are rising
10:05:09 PM<TheDarkLance>FUCK YOU TWO
10:05:13 PM** EvilSicknesshas left [connection reset]
10:05:31 PM<EvilSickness>hawhaw
10:05:35 PM<EvilSickness>hawhawhaw
10:05:38 PM* TheDarkLancehides behind mygaylover Kitsunefireball
10:05:42 PM<TheDarkLance>FUCK
10:05:42 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>Make me a higher love~
10:05:46 PM<EvilSickness>LMAO
10:05:51 PM<TheDarkLance> F​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U
10:05:58 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>Make me a higher love~ Whoa~!
10:06:01 PM<EvilSickness>i got this one too
10:06:08 PM<TheDarkLance>N​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​o
10:06:10 PM<Kitsunefireball>EvilSickness: send itttt
10:06:13 PM<EvilSickness>10:04:53 PM <TheDarkLance> MOTHER FUCKERS 10:05:01 PM * TheDarkLance hits both Kitsunefireball and EvilSickness with a brick 10:05:03 PM <Itsul> Hatred levels are rising 10:05:09 PM <TheDarkLance> FUCK YOU TWO 10:05:13 PM ** EvilSickness has left [connection reset] 10:05:31 PM <EvilSickness> hawhaw 10:05:35 PM <EvilSickness> hawhawhaw 10:05:38 PM * TheDarkLance hides behind mygaylover Kitsunefireball 10:05:42 PM <TheDarkLance> FUCK 10:05:42 PM <DarkPaladinCecil> Make me a higher love~ 10:05:45 PM <TheDarkLance> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 10:05:46 PM <EvilSickness> LMAO 10:05:51 PM <TheDarkLance> F​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U :bulletblack: Welcome to our house of insanity and absurdity! Check out the group page and the rules, and tab a MOD when done. Have an insane day! :bulletblack: Chatroom Settings | EmoticonsEmotesMulti-line inputBoldItalicUnderlineInsert linkInsert thumbSuperscriptSubscriptCodeInsert website
10:06:15 PM** EvilSicknesshas joined
10:06:18 PM* Itsulhides in a box
10:06:26 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>xD
10:06:34 PM<TheDarkLance>..........*curls up and sobs
10:07:01 PM* DarkPaladinCecilputs a blanket on TheDarkLance
10:07:11 PM* TheDarkLancestabs DarkPaladinCecil in the shin
10:07:17 PM<TheDarkLance>HISSSSSSSSSSS
10:07:30 PM* DarkPaladinCecilfalls over and rolls to EvilSickness.
10:07:35 PM* TheDarkLancehides behind Knight-Th0rn
10:07:39 PM* EvilSicknesspets DarkPaladinCecil
10:07:42 PM<TheDarkLance>fucking finally
10:07:52 PM* EvilSicknessoh revives
10:07:56 PM* Knight-Th0rnnuzzles TheDarkLance
10:08:05 PM* DarkPaladinCecilsits up and casts Curaga on his leg until it feels better.
10:08:23 PM<Poisonnote>I'M DYING
10:08:31 PM<Poisonnote>MINUTE
10:08:33 PM<Kitsunefireball>EvilSickness: the one earlier pls
10:08:37 PM** Jokester4has joined
10:08:37 PM<Cz-ar>» Welcome to House of Insanics, Jokester4!
Take a look a the group page / rules in the topic; tab a mod whenever finished. Have an insane day! :fuzzydemon: 
10:08:46 PM<TheDarkLance>F​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​U​C​K
10:08:49 PM<Kitsunefireball>o.o
10:08:55 PM<Kitsunefireball>Jokester4: hi?
10:08:56 PM<Poisonnote>I'm dying
10:08:59 PM<TheDarkLance>FUCK OFF JOKESTER4
10:09:01 PM<TheDarkLance>YOU PRICK
10:09:04 PM<Poisonnote>Well then
10:09:05 PM<Kitsunefireball>TheDarkLance: STOP YOU BITCH
10:09:06 PM<Poisonnote>uh
10:09:13 PM<TheDarkLance>Kitsunefireball: N​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O
10:09:16 PM<Jokester4>Kitsunefireball: Hi.
10:09:19 PM<Poisonnote>TheDarkLance: YOUR TAB FAILS MAKE ME HAPPY
10:09:21 PM<Kitsunefireball>dont insult them you fuckass
10:09:28 PM<Jokester4>TheDarkLance: Nice to see you to.
10:09:32 PM<EvilSickness>09:53:57 PM <Knight-Th0rn> WOOT09:54:00 PM * TheDarkLance hugs Knight-Th0rn close09:54:02 PM <Knight-Th0rn> I HAVE CHEESEBURGERS09:54:09 PM <DarkPaladinCecil> ...Why do I like rock music more than rap...?09:54:16 PM * Knight-Th0rn :iconexcitedlaplz:09:54:47 PM <EvilSickness> DarkPaladinCecil: you arent black09:55:03 PM <TheDarkLance> Kitsunefireball: i wanna stick my meat in them buns09:55:08 PM <TheDarkLance> no09:55:09 PM <TheDarkLance> nonono09:55:12 PM <TheDarkLance> ment for Knight-Th0rn09:55:16 PM <TheDarkLance> horrible tab pwn09:55:19 PM <TheDarkLance> jesus christ09:55:23 PM <TheDarkLance> kill me now09:55:27 PM <TheDarkLance> strike me down09:55:31 PM <TheDarkLance> fuck my life09:55:33 PM * TheDarkLance is away: (No reason)09:55:36 PM <Knight-Th0rn> lmfao09:55:38 PM ** Poisonnote has left [connection closed]09:55:38 PM <Knight-Th0rn> ahahaha09:55:40 PM <Knight-Th0rn> oh man09:55:42 PM <Knight-Th0rn> That was09:55:43 PM <Knight-Th0rn> wow09:55:52 PM <Knight-Th0rn> Kitsunefireball: He wants your buns09:55:56 PM <TheDarkLance> NO I DONT09:56:04 PM <TheDarkLance> IT WAS A HAMBURGER PUN09:56:12 PM <TheDarkLance> BECAUSE MEAT IS IN BUNS09:56:19 PM ** Poisonnote has joined09:56:20 PM <TheDarkLance> AND I MEANT THAT FOR KNIGHT09:56:24 PM <Poisonnote> TheDarkLance: I FUCKING CHOKED09:56:27 PM <Poisonnote> ON MY WATER09:56:29 PM <Poisonnote> I'M DYING09:56:31 PM <TheDarkLance> PLEASE LORDY JESUS KILL ME09:56:32 PM <Itsul> Poisonnote: welcome back09:56:43 PM * TheDarkLance dies in a hole09:56:49 PM * TheDarkLance is back09:56:52 PM <TheDarkLance> jfc09:56:56 PM <TheDarkLance> Kitsunefireball: i am SO SORRY09:57:22 PM <DarkPaladinCecil> EvilSickness: -looks at skin- I look pretty chocolate to me.09:57:43 PM <EvilSickness> DarkPaladinCecil: youre dark chocolate im milk chocolate09:57:45 PM <Kitsunefireball> waht09:57:46 PM <Kitsunefireball> oh09:57:46 PM * TheDarkLance curks up09:57:51 PM <Kitsunefireball> Nah is fine.09:58:00 PM <Kitsunefireball> :p09:58:09 PM <DarkPaladinCecil> EvilSickness: I'm a reddish brown. You're just lighter than me. xD09:58:23 PM <EvilSickness> DarkPaladinCecil: LIES09:58:28 PM <EvilSickness> im like caramel09:58:46 PM <DarkPaladinCecil> EvilSickness: Caramel. I'm milk chocolate.09:58:59 PM <TheDarkLance> fuck ;n;09:59:01 PM * TheDarkLance just09:59:05 PM * TheDarkLance whyyyyyyyyy09:59:10 PM <EvilSickness> okay, ill take that09:59:13 PM * TheDarkLance curls up behind Kitsunefireball09:59:17 PM <TheDarkLance> AGAIN09:59:21 PM <TheDarkLance> FUCKING HELL09:59:27 PM * DarkPaladinCecil brushes his hands through his hair.09:59:27 PM <TheDarkLance> GOD DA- RAAAAAAA09:59:30 PM ** TheDarkLance has left09:59:35 PM <Kitsunefireball> XD09:59:40 PM <Kitsunefireball> this is amazing09:59:42 PM ** TheDarkLance has joined09:59:48 PM <TheDarkLance> :iconsawbplz:09:59:55 PM <DarkPaladinCecil> I want Godzilla for my birthday.10:00:19 PM <EvilSickness> DarkPaladinCecil: dreads10:00:25 PM * TheDarkLance hides behind Knight-Th0rn, not wanting to be seen because God Damnit10:00:28 PM <EvilSickness> oh i want godzilla10:00:34 PM <DarkPaladinCecil> EvilSickness: Still my hair, woman.10:00:54 PM <DarkPaladinCecil> And you can have Ghidorah. My Godzilla.10:01:20 PM <Kitsunefireball> SOMEONE10:01:24 PM <Kitsunefireball> LOG THIS IN A BOT10:01:26 PM <Kitsunefireball> THIS IS PRICELESS10:01:45 PM <EvilSickness> my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and damn right its better than yours, but i scream "GET OFF MY LAWN"10:01:49 PM <TheDarkLance> NO10:01:53 PM <TheDarkLance> Kitsunefireball: NO10:01:58 PM <Kitsunefireball> YES10:01:58 PM <TheDarkLance> Kitsunefireball: NO!!!10:02:00 PM <Kitsunefireball> YES10:02:06 PM <EvilSickness> i got it10:02:07 PM <TheDarkLance> Kitsunefireball: NOOOOOOOOOOOO10:02:12 PM <TheDarkLance> EvilSickness: DELETE IT WOMAN10:02:14 PM <Kitsunefireball> YESSSSSS10:02:18 PM <DarkPaladinCecil> EvilSickness: Old hag, don't like young'uns on your lawn.10:02:19 PM <Kitsunefireball> EvilSickness: NOTE ME10:02:19 PM <TheDarkLance> DELETE THE LOG10:02:21 PM <Kitsunefireball> NO10:02:22 PM ** crazyjbl has joined10:02:23 PM <TheDarkLance> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10:02:24 PM * Itsul sighs
10:09:39 PM<crazyjbl>...
10:09:41 PM<TheDarkLance>Poisonnote: *cries*kGOD DAMN YOU SARAH
10:09:42 PM<crazyjbl>:I
10:09:45 PM<Itsul>............................
10:09:51 PM<Jokester4>TheDarkLance: Nice to see you to.
10:09:56 PM<TheDarkLance>I HATE ALL OF YOU
10:09:58 PM<EvilSickness>it was suppose to fix itself
10:10:00 PM* Itsuldies due to EvilSickness
10:10:14 PM<TheDarkLance>FUCK ALL OF YOU
10:10:20 PM<TheDarkLance>except those two
10:10:24 PM* Itsulis hated without even knowing why he is
10:10:36 PM<TheDarkLance>AND ITSUL
10:10:39 PM<TheDarkLance>he seems cool
10:10:42 PM<TheDarkLance>so i dont hate
10:10:46 PM* TheDarkLancedies
10:10:59 PM<Poisonnote>TheDarkLance: DO I LOOK LIKE A SARAH
10:10:59 PM* TheDarkLanceis away: dead
10:11:08 PM<TheDarkLance>Poisonnote: N​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O
10:11:08 PM* Itsulis a hated corpse
10:11:16 PM<Knight-Th0rn>Waht
10:11:20 PM<Poisonnote>I'M PUTTING THIS IN A JOURNAL
10:11:22 PM* DarkPaladinCecilplays the world smallest violin, for TheDarkLance, or would have if he actually had the fucks needed to bother bringing it.
10:11:25 PM<Poisonnote>Kitsunefireball: DO IT
10:11:27 PM<TheDarkLance>Knight-Th0rn: killl me gay loveeeeeeeeer
10:11:31 PM<EvilSickness>what
10:11:38 PM<EvilSickness>what about looking like me
10:11:45 PM<Jokester4>:O
10:11:46 PM<Itsul>Poisonnote: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
10:11:56 PM<Poisonnote>Itsul: sdfgvhb
10:11:57 PM<EvilSickness>Poisonnote: i got it
10:12:04 PM<DarkPaladinCecil>EvilSickness: You look like....Hm...
10:12:06 PM<EvilSickness>im putting it in a journal
10:12:07 PM<Kitsunefireball>TheDarkLance: Well, i knew you wanted to fuck me, but this is ridiculous.
10:12:07 PM<TheDarkLance>Kitsunefireball: I've been away for 1 minute, 7 seconds. Reason: dead
10:12:07 PM* TheDarkLancehates everyone except for Knight-Th0rn and Itsul
10:12:13 PM<TheDarkLance>NOSHUTUP
10:12:19 PM<Itsul>Poisonnote: what? D:
10:12:24 PM* istovitabsconds.
10:12:26 PM<Poisonnote>Knight-Th0rn: YOU'VE BEEN REPLACED
10:12:28 PM<TheDarkLance>Kitsunefireball: SHUTYOURFACE
10:12:29 PM<Poisonnote>WITH A KID
10:12:43 PM* Kitsunefireballis close to kicking TheDarkLance in the face
10:12:44 PM<Poisonnote>EvilSickness: DO IT
10:12:47 PM<Poisonnote>DO ITTTT
10:12:53 PM<Poisonnote>SUBMIT IT TO THE HOSUE
10:12:54 PM<Knight-Th0rn>;A;
10:12:57 PM<Knight-Th0rn>Fuck you all then.
10:12:58 PM<Poisonnote>HOUSE GROU
10:12:59 PM<Poisonnote>P
10:13:00 PM<crazyjbl>Kitsunefireball: me sad now ;o;
10:13:01 PM* Knight-Th0rnslides off
10:13:02 PM<EvilSickness>i am
10:13:02 PM<Poisonnote>Knight-Th0rn: ILY
10:13:03 PM<Poisonnote><3
10:13:03 PM<EvilSickness>i am
10:13:03 PM<TheDarkLance>N​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O​O
10:13:04 PM<Poisonnote>NO
10:13:05 PM<EvilSickness>hold up
10:13:07 PM<Poisonnote>DUN LEAVE
10:13:12 PM<Poisonnote>Knight-Th0rn: PLEASE
10:13:14 PM<TheDarkLance>Knight-Th0rn: *clings*

hue hue he got mad hue hue 
RAGE < him 


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