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Tracer - Fun in the Sun

I can't seem too think of a description for this image. I am usually bad at them and I can never think of anything. :noes:
So in short weeks ago while looking at Overwatch art I found this lovely piece by :icontarivanima: and it inspired me too make this render.
If you have not seen her gallery you should go check it out cause it is really good!
I wanted a water gun but I never found a water gun model so I recolored the Asari Desciple from Mass Effect.
I hope it doesn't look too bad. ;-;

UPDATE: I added a little bit of shine to the skin and a slight red tint.

More Overwatch Renders.

Models used.

Metssfm for Tracer and dawadd for converting Tracer to XPS
MoogleOutFitters for the Swimsuit and the Sunglasses
nach77 for the Gun
Deluwyrn for Zack's Island Stage

Pose's/Hair/Light Effects/Texture Edits and Rendered by me.
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Lena is new N7 recruit? Cool!
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If I may ask, where did you get her body? Amazing work by the way ^-^
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Thank you.

And you can find it here…
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Amazing ^_^ Like your Sombra profile image btw
EvilPowny's avatar
Thanks again for sharing tracer
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model download???
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OMG, AMAZING MODEL, Tracer looks soooooooo good <3

Any chance you could share this wonderfull model? :P
EvilPowny's avatar
Sadly its not a singular model its a bunch of models photo shopped together to look like one. :saddummy:
Tyxta's avatar
Oh, what a pity D:

Anyway, she look gorgeous ;)
 May i know which models you used, maybe i can make a real meshmod :P
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You can try if you want.

Main Model

The swimsuit is from one of MoogleOutfitters TERAOnline models. I don't remember the exact one I used though.
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ok, i already got a meshmod of Tracer as if she is wearing summer casual clothes ;)……

Can i use this as the base model then? :P
EvilPowny's avatar
Sure I guess. :shrug:
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What amount of clothing would be preferred then? :eyes:
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
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i don't know anything about Overwatch, but you made a great work in this render bro, keep doing that ;)
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Nice Disciple Shotgun💔💔💔its my favourite Asari Shotgun in Mass Effect 3
EvilPowny's avatar
Is it good?
Cause despite playing the game three times I have never actually used it.
Zapzz-100's avatar
I use it a lot with my vanguards biotics
EvilPowny's avatar
I guess I will have to try it out then.
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