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New generation american
I am the new generation american sensation.
Look in these eyes,
can you resist this temptation?
Strong-willed, motivated and strong,
I have worked very hard and very long,
to be here, where I belong.
So don't look down on me,
and tell me I can't
because I'll prove you wrong in two seconds flat.
Let me be me,
and I'll let you be you,
I am the new generation american sensation,
don't tell me what I can and can't do.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 0 0
judging me
They stare at me with their beady eyes,
judging me, telling lies.
"she's probably easy,
probably a whore"
They're just jealous
because their life's a bore.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 0 1
The Storm
I listen as the last few
raindrops of the storm
that just went through.
An hour earlier,
the sky was filled with fury,
as the lighting ripped it's fantastic
white lace through.
And the thunder pounded upon
it's wonderous drums.
And the wind blew and blew.
The storm reminds me of a person
I once knew.
The person being me,
and the storm taking place,
in my heart.
That storm is no longer being,
since I met you.
And my heart now hold the
calming of springtime,
and a day,
fresh and new.
I thank my maker
for creating you,
how fortunate I am,
I love you.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 1 1
please dont hurt me
I don't want to be wrong,
about a feeling that feels so right.
Please don't hurt me,
I've been through so much,
I'm giving you my heart,
and showing you my soul.
I'm taking the risk,
and letting go.
I'm falling in love with you,
and this is something
I rarely let myself do.
Please don't hurt me,
it's the last thing I want to go through.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 1 6
falling apart again
I'm drowning in my own sarrow,
where are you when I need you?
Where are my real friends,
the wall and barriers are being built,
and I'm falling to pieces again.
Even when I feel happy,
it's always in the back of my mind.
And I take a pill,
it drowns my loneliness for a short time.
But when this happiness in a pill form wears off,
the pain is always still there,
like an unwanted dizzyness,
a sicking disease.
I look at old pictures,
this used to be my best friend,
stolen away from me,
and I'm falling to pieces once again.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 1 2
Leaving you behind
I'm tired of being led on,
only to be disappointed again.
If you would stop for a minute,
and think of someone other than you,
you would see what you're
putting me through.
And with tears in my eyes,
I know I'm going to have to let you go,
because all of your bullshit games are
just ripping at my soul.
It's a sign of change in my time,
I'm growing up,
and leaving you behind.
And when all my crying is through,
You'll look back and wish I was beside you.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 0 2
am I coming or going
Am I coming or going?
Am I up or down?
I'm not a bad person,
I'm just confused,
or wait?
Am I a bad person that's confused.
I feel like I'm not living life,
I'm just going through the motions.
I don't know how to get the fire back.
Every dull moment that drags by,
is just another oppurtunity for me to cry.
And I sit in my room
and close my eyes,
I hate to be in here,
but I have to hide.
Am I coming or going?
I can't decide.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 0 1
Pure Serenity
Pure serenity,
Meaningful thoughts,
words that are true,
I meant it last night,
when I told you I loved you.
With tears in my eyes,
not of pain or shame,
tears of bliss,
tears if when you bore your first child,
and give her a name.
Pure serenity,
is the thought that comes to mind.
And a deep look into your eyes,
tells me more than my ears will ever hear,
you love me too,
I know you do.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 1 1
The beautiful evening
It's a perfect evening,
All the stars are shining bright,
and I'm sitting here writing my poetry
in the beautiful moon light.
This is the type of evening
that you thank your maker for,
the kind that you watch happy couples together,
you just can't help but to adore.
And the feeling over comes you,
more powerful than any drug.
It's the feeling of true bliss,
an absolute peacefullness,
a realization of the beauty of life.
A feeling of contentness,
I smile gratefully,
and put down my pen,
I'm done writing for tonight.........
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 0 5
your twisted game
You blow me off,
you don't love me.
Even though you pretended you did.
All that talk about wanting me in your life,
was just a game,
a sick twisted lie.
A spot where my heart once was is empty.
You ripped it out
and laughed at me when I cried.
At one time I loved you,
but when I think of those times
I bow my head in shame,
how foolish I was to fall for your games.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 0 4
the tangled web
I feel an urge to get away from something,
a need to break free.
I don't know what's pulling me,
a force that is unseen.
I feel like the world is still spinning,
but I'm tangled in a web I weaved.
and I can't figure out how to step out,
how to break free.
I need a change.
Maybe of scenery,
maybe of friends.
Maybe I need to awaken,
maybe start my life again.
Too many questions that go unanswered,
too confused to know what to do.
I hope that tomorrow I can start over again,
and weave a different web,
untangled and new.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 0 2
no one there
The words in my head,
the words that go unsaid.
I flip on my hood
and hide my face in my hoodie.
If you can't see my face,
then you don't know how I'm feeling.
I hide my feelings behind a mask
of a smile.
When it gets to unbearable,
I hide myself from the world.
I am lonely, almost starving for attention.
Missing another's touch.
I feel in need of it so much.
In tune with no one,
going solo against the world.
And at this time I feel I have so much to share.
But when I look around, no one's there.
And I move through each dragging day,
hoping tomorrow will be better.
I know one day, it will be.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 0 3
A tragic day
A plane crashes,
terror fills the sky,
we all watch helpless,
as thousands of people die.
America under attack.
A tragic day indeed.
A day that will be splattered in books,
throughout all of history.
There will be punishment,
a promise that holds true.
And everybody waits and wonders,
what will come of this?
what will be that fate?
Many people wonder
if this will be the fall of the states.
We all must come together,
we all must hold strong,
we all must remember,
from sea to shining sea,
let freedom ring.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 1 1
media scams
Looking in the mirror.
Looking at my little gut,
I don't mind it,
but the people on T.V tell me
I should get rid of this stuff.
Flipping through this magazine,
beauty tips everywhere.
Looking at my own face,
How plain I seem in compare.
Women dressed in the height of fashion,
me wearing my faded jeans,
my t-shirt has a little hole in the sleeve.
Dirty tennis shoes,
suit me just the best.
They tell me I shouldn't cut my hair like I do,
and maybe I should dye it too.
Well I say screw you if you can't see me
for me,
and how happy I really am.
Even if I don't run out and buy the most popular
jeans in demand,
it doesn't matter to me,
because I think all your media,
is just a scam.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 0 2
a better day
You're like a sickness,
a disease.
You use me for your pleasure,
you think I'm only to please.
Well, I am a human,
I have needs.
If you cut me, I will bleed.
But none of that seems to matter to you.
And I feel myself crumble,
a little more everday.
I try to tell myself I don't need you,
but I know I'm lying to myself,
I need you in everyway.
I feel the pain knawing at my heart,
It's so hard for me,
that we are apart.
I close my eyes and imagine a better day,
I squeeze my hands into a tight fist.
Draw my knees to my chest,
and cry.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 2 3
I stand in the rain
because it hides my tears.
I sit deep in a dark room,
because it hides my eyes,
hides my fears.
I sit, but I don't think.
I am lonely.
Sometimes I cry.
Sometimes I wonder why I feel this way,
sometimes I think I want to die.
But I know that death would be the easy way out,
and any problem, no matter how big,
with lots of determination,
could be worked out.
And I remember I feel this way
because of you.
The way you ignore,
the way you brushed me off
like nothing special,
It makes me angry how much I cared,
and how I thought you cared too,
it hurts more than anything,
and I hope you'll never have to
expierence the pain you put me through.
:iconevilpixie:evilpixie 0 1


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April Marbais
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Toledo, Oh
Favourite genre of music: it's hard to say
Favourite cartoon character: Tinker Bell
Hey people.
This is my first day on here so I don't have much to say. I like what I see so far and will some write more!
Hey. Have you ever felt empty? what a bad feeling! I'm sure I'll get over it.
I no longer feel empty, more content. I think I am starting to become used to begining independent, starting to see my true self more.  I guess it took me a while to really open my eyes on myself.


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