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In order to follow my whole creative progress please add me on FB. My real name is Clemens Hasengschwandtner - not very difficult to find. See you around....
Coming back from 4 months of travel my life looks very different than it did before. I was joined by my beautiful girlfriend Noni and her daughter Cheyenne which are living with me now - my restaurant which I had rented out could not go on without me any longer so I got it back - reopening will be on the 6th of September 2013.

Many changes, many new exciting challenges - my art slowed down a bit in the last couple of weeks but I am still full of ideas and as soon as I have a bit more time I will continue my mission to make the world a more colorful place to live.

Have fun and enjoy summer


Dear Friends & Neighbors,

I need a commercial, private and psychological break and therefore I am off to Asia for some traveling. I brought some paints, brushes and toys with me but out of experience I doubt I produce much. Anyhow - I am sure it will give me a lot's of new energy and inspiration so bear with me - I'll be back.

Have fun


Always a depressing time - summer is over - the days are getting shorter and although the weather is still warm and friendly winter is approaching. I am quite busy with my art - lot's of commissions - lot's of ideas - I could divide myself in 3 and still be busy. Guess that's a good things somehow - at least life is not boring.

I will try to collect my strength and come up with a more positive journal entry soon. Until then I just keep of working on my art - always the last resource to keep sane and stable.

Have fun


I think this is the right title for today's entry. What can I say, my art is giving me a lot of pleasure at the moment. I have a lot of interesting ideas - just finished a huge commission for a yacht, now I am into little cute birds but I have many ideas and a lot of creative energy.

I guess it also helps that summer is coming. Love is in the air so to say - I just love the sun.

The only downturn are the huge number of jellyfish in our sea - never saw anything like this. I hope the situation improves by summer otherwise I have to find an alternative solution.....

Have fun and enjoy


Welcome to the new Year. The old one was somehow exciting - at least for me. I spend 3 fantastic months in South East Asia, getting to know new cultures and people. I went diving, trekking, rafting, kayaking, paragliding, saw the Biennale in Venice, spend time in Austria, Germany and Turkey and last but not least enjoyed a fantastic summer in Malta.

On the art side I was also very active. I painted more than 100 paintings last year and still not getting bored of it. For the new year I do have a lot of interesting ideas I would like to experiment with. I do have already quite a lot of commissions booked for 2012 and am optimistic that it will be again a fantastic year - not sure if it can be better than the last one but I will try.

Have fun and enjoy


After nearly 4 months in Nepal, Thailand and other countries I actually enjoyed to stay home for a change. Summer in Malta is pretty unique and colorful and I do not regret a minute.

In fact it is too much to cope with - I would love to go to all these fantastic parties, BBQ's, get togethers, full moon at the beach etc. but I would have to sleep in my car so I prefer to be very selective.

I keep up my work schedule - try to stay at home for at least 4 nights a week, go to the beach every day, swim a lot, eat nice, in short - I enjoy life as much as possible.

There was the Birgu Festa - wow - I know every Festa in Malta is Wow but Birgu being my home town - it was still special.

In case you have never been to Malta - really - check it out. You have never seen anything like this in your life - no doubt about it.

I did some pretty cool paintings since coming back from Nepal. Not sure but somehow I still did not find the perfect Rhythm. I would like to experiment more - do even more things than I do already - yes, I even consider to become the first human clone. I am sure my double's would not have any problems to do all the things I have in mind - hehe

Anyhow - for the time being I am off to Turkey. I have been there once, 20 years ago, so it is kind of a new experience and I am looking forward to it.

Will be back on the 1st of September.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of summer.

3 months later and I am back in Malta. Nepal was interesting but quite challenging - only 10 hours of electricity a day - no fridge, fan, light etc. I lasted 2 months - quite a feat. Unfortunately the voluntary project did not really work out - the organizers were very unorganized and it was doomed from the beginning.

Anyhow - I had enough other experiences to last my a lift time. Living in the stone age for such a long time is quite an eye opener.

After Nepal I went to Thailand - what can I say - most probably one of my favorite countries ever. The nature, sea creatures, snorkeling, fantastic food, friendly people - I really enjoyed myself.

Did an open water diver - was really fun.

Now I am back in Malta - just in time for summer. To be honest the one thing I am always missing when traveling is my work - so I am happy to be back.

New works coming soon.

Have fun and enjoy

Wow, 4 weeks later and I am still here. I settled in a small romantic wooden house in an equally romantic village. In a way it is like being in a dream - a different world all together. Things are very simple and straight forward here - a little bit like in the stone age.

We only have 10 hours electricity a day which is a big problem. It only comes on during the most impossible times so it is of not much use. Forget cold drinks, light at night etc.

I saw a lot of nice things, a lot of funny things, a lot of interesting things and obviously also some sad and not so nice things but on the whole - it was definitely a worth wile experience.

The volunteering work did not really work out. There is a lot of good will but somehow nothing is happening. We had several plans, changed them, again and again - as soon as you agree on something - something new pops up - money is always a mysterious goddess which Karma will provide - somehow - hehe

What can I say. In a way it was fantastic - on the other hand it is pretty tough living in such an environment. I do not even know where to start - toilets, washing facilities, earthen kitchen floors - they actually cook in the middle of the room over a small fire - in order to live like this for an extended period of time you need a good motivation - which is somehow not there.

So I will pack my things and off to meet a mysterious woman in Kosamui ( Thainland ) - looking forward to civilization.

By June I should be back in Malta. I have a lot of new ideas and energy so I am looking forward to a busy summer.

Have fun


wow, the first two weeks in Nepal were anything else than boring.

Arrived in KTM - rafted to Pokhara, went Paragliding, wild water kayaking ( the grand harbor feels somehow very different - it was much more scary and demanding than Paragliding ) - then two days in Chitwan National Park and then the real Nepal.

I visited the sites where I am supposed to do my voluntary work - wow - what an eye opener. Although it is my second time in Nepal I always just saw the tourist sides - Pokhara, Katmandu, Chitwan, even the most busiest trails - has nothing to do with real Nepal.

The people are really happy, most of them seem to have not seen a foreigner in ages, small babies sometimes start crying when they see you ( must be my nose ) but they are all heartwarming friendly.

The first village was really romantic - old wooden houses, cows and domestic animals still part of day to day life. The people were rather prosperous, had running water, electricity ( there are power cuts of between 14 and 20 hours a day - so just having it helps only a little ). It's very idyllic and beautiful.

The second village was equally friendly but much poorer. Most people live in houses made of bamboo and cow manure and clay. There is no running water and the sanitation is very poor. Apparently there is arsenic in the water but nobody ever bothered to test it.

There are so many volunteer projects that I am not 100% sure where I should start or stop. If anyone knows anyone who knows a little bit about waste water technology, water filtration etc. - it could help.

Anyhow - will check out the situation and keep you updated. Will spend another couple of days in Kathmandu and then off to work.

Have fun and enjoy


The time has come and I am leaving to Nepal. I am doing some voluntary work - building up a resort hotel 8 hours south of Katmandu.

It's a challenge to say the least - since I never built a hotel resort from scratch it's a big colorful bubble which might burst any minute but who knows...

In case anyone is interested to do some voluntary work - please contact me. We have openings for teachers, computer specialists, builders, farmers and colorful people in general. Every little bit of help makes a difference.

Not sure how much I will be able to integrate my art in the project. I am sure I find a way to do the one or other art piece but I want to take it easy. Whatever I do - it will not look like anything I ever did before - that's for sure.

I will try to keep you updated.

Have fun and enjoy

The last year was quite amazing - lot's of experiences - more than 600 paintings - exhibitions - commissions - traveling - ups and downs.

To be honest I really hate Xmas and New Year - always gives me a bad vibe. It took me some time ( until today ) to really get over it but yeah - here I am - full of energy - full of passion - ready to go.

I do not have any specific plans at the moment but there are some things on the horizon. There is a good chance that I will spend my creative energy on more things than just painting but nothing is confirmed yet.

Anyhow - whatever the new year might bring - I am ready for it.

Wish you all a good start into 2001


not much to say here - I am working hard - partying hard - enjoying life as much as possible.

So far 2010 has been very good to me. I did a lot of paintings and realized some exhausting projects. After nearly 12 years working gas down on my paintings there are more and more people interested in my work and I am quite satisfied with my achievements.

Privately I have been traveling a lot - Austria, Corsica, Libya, Barcelona and this summer I am off to Tanzania. Life can be good sometimes .......

Wish you all a nice summer and many happy moments.


The new year started pretty much like the old one ended. The world still goes round and I am still working on my creations.

Unfortunately my camera broke so I am a bit behind posting new paintings but the most important thing is that I do have new paintings - so be patient.

Since I don't have much else to do I just keep on working - one thing after the other.

My new years resolution is that I will try to concentrate more efforts on the marketing side. In the end I do sell most of my paintings but I will try to guide my fortunes a bit more focused.  

Anyhow - so far every new year has been better than the year before so who cares. If I keep on going like this another 60 years I will be rich a famous - yeah

By then I will be 100 and hopefully not bothered anymore - but who knows.

Have fun



First I would like to thank all the people who responded to my Website Design entry in the Forum. I got a lot ( a lot,lot,lot ) of replies and since I lived now for so long without a proper website I decided to take the decision next year.

Otherwise I keep myself really busy. Since I am originally a chef by profession I am going to combine art & cooking - have you ever seen a Wienerschnitzel painting. If not it is coming - soon here on this channel.

It's difficult to describe what I have in mind so bear with me and in one or two month you should see the first results.

It takes a lot of research to do what I have in mind so I share my time between theoretical and practical work.

For the time being I stopped the chain painting series and concentrate more on landscapes.

I know, some people find it boring but on the other hand art has a commercial side to it as well and landscapes just sell best. Besides this I don't think I have reached my absolute best yet when it comes to landscapes.

Malta has a very diverse scenery and wherever I look I see a painting so there are a lot of new painting in the pipe line.

There are a lot of people painting landscapes but I am comfortable that nobody paints Malta like me so I guess it is worth it.

I will spend Xmas at home with my parents so for the next 3 weeks my productivity will be low - at least here on the website. I have my sketch book with me and promise you that the time will not be wasted.

Anyhow, I wish you all a very nice Xmas, thanks for all the support I got from this website and all the people involved in it.

I wish you all a very, extremely, unbelievable merry Xmas and an equally exciting new year.


It took me some time to settle in after my holidays but now I am back to work. I do have a lot of things I want to try out - lots of creative experiments to do....

Somehow a couple of months away renewed my energy and gave me a lot of new inspiration.

Again I am attempting to do something a bit bigger. Although my normal paintings are already quite big I want to go a step further - and a step bigger.

Anyhow -I have a long history of wanting to do things and then I change my mind totally and end up somewhere totally else.

Who knows what the future will bring, but whatever it is I am working on it.

Have fun and enjoy your autumn.


After 10 interesting and exciting weeks in south east Asia I am finally back in Malta. You know how it is - one side of me doesn't want to come back and the other side is happy to be home.

Malta is great as always, parties, hot weather, beach, my cats, my friends and lot's of work.

For the next couple of months I am quite busy with commissions. They are mainly landscapes - again my favorite Spinola Bay which I must have painted thousand times already ( maybe I should buy a flat there ) and the other one isn't decided yet.

I have loads of project in my brain as well but they have to wait until I have free time again.

Otherwise life is beautiful - as always.

Wish you all a good end of summer - may the autumn be equally inspiring.

WOW, what a country. If you are interested in art nothing beats Bali. Whole villages are dedicated to producing all kind of things. Paintings, wooden sculpture, stone sculpture, silversmiths, ducks, weaving, pottery, you name it - it's there.

And I am not talking one gallery, there are thousands - one next to the other - it's just unbelievable.  

I spend three weeks indulging in the art and the beautiful countryside. The people are really nice and friendly and strikingly beautiful.

Having been to Thailand and Malaysia the Balinese people have the most interesting features, not even mentioning the dancers and juicy parts.

The best place is UBUD - in the center of Bali. Kuta is somehow a party town, Ibiza in Indonesia but the rest of the country is very authentic.

We also spend a week in the north, diving the beautiful coral reefs - seeing all kinds of funny colorful fish. No idea who came up with all these funny shapes, forms and colors but it is really amazing. Maybe god took some LSD when he created the under water world - just fantastic.

Anyhow - I am having an excellent time and hope that you enjoy your summer as well.

Another three weeks to go then it is back to Malta.

Have fun and enjoy

Leaving the beaches of southern Thailand I hooked up with an old friend of mine who lives already 12 years in Malaysia. Originally he had a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur but settled on the absolute beautiful island of Langkawi.

Should you ever be in Langkawi you have to visit Tapas restaurant - nice food, nice people.

Langkawi itself is a very modern paradise. The streets and infrastructure are like in Europe - much better than Malta in combination with fantastic wild life, mountains, jungles and endless beaches definitely worth a visit.

In return for being treated like royalty I agreed to do a painting for him - which means I will be around for another week or so.

Then the plan is to head on to Bali.

Have fun