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Vauntic Class Naval Combat Drone
Length: 14 Metres
Powerplant: 430 hour fuel Cell
Drive: Twin waterjets with electric prop driven manoeuvring sub system.
Maximum Speed: 130 knots.
Unit can submerge up to 20 metres.

Recon buoy to be used when submerged over 7 metre periscope depth

Basic Arms:
Forward pop up turret mount:
Gas cooled MACE VII Tri Barrelled Rotary 35mm Auto Cannon
Twin .50 Cal machine guns
Four 60mm D-SPARK counter shipping incendiary missiles.
Hull mount:
Dual 40mm SCAPA auto mortars

Mod (A) Is eqiuped with one 16 cell SkySlam medium anti aircraft missile launcher.
Mod (B) is equipped with 6 330mm Torpedoes in a revolver magazine
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sweet patrol boat dude
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^>o<^ MORE FIREPOWER!!!! <D j/k I really like the shape of the guns, 'specially the fore gun. Really smooth and angular, the other one is interestingly round.....The silhouettes on the top kinda remind of me of a pair of slippers, just an observation. =] Really nice, slick, simple.
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EvilonavichHobbyist Digital Artist
Um thanks, aye I was going for a simple but smooth profile sort of to match the concept. With size speed and ballast tank considerations "more firepower" would actually probably be detrimental to something of this size. ehem. aaanyway thanks.
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sharp-n-pointyHobbyist Digital Artist
quite simply, nifty...
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EvilonavichHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, I messed about with the hull shape a fair bit before I settled on this one.