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Prime Material Dragon

I actually wanted to finish this picture in the same style I did with my other pictures, but I don't really have much time for stuff lately.
I thought it looked ok like this too. I might change it in the future, but for now I'll keep it like this.

Prime Material Dragon from the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.
Not much to say about this monster. It's a pretty nice card because it can make effect damage into lifepoint gain. And it can negate the effect of a card that would destroy your monster(s).
As far as I know this monster hasn't appeared in the anime.

I kind of like the design of this creature. I always kinda imagine it has been made out of some mysterious material. Even it's name suggests it. But I wonder what this prime material really is.
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this is one of my favret cards in the game. ever.
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Hi Karin!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured you on my dragon artwork blog.  I love Yu-Gi-Oh! and all of your fanart, as well as your other dragons and work.  You can find me at Writing Dragons Blog, and your feature here.  Keep up the good work! :)

Wow. One of my favorite cards, in such a great picture... Just... Wow...


Unfortunately, no, it has never appeared in the anime. But on the other hand, neither has some cards that are far more popular (like, say, the Six Samurai).

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Prime material dragon could give the metagame so many problems yet most people don't use it...shame. AWESOME picture by the way :)
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If I was a character in Yu-Gi Oh, this would be my star monster
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my nephew have that card... quiet hard to deal with it... nice work!! ^^
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THIS IS AMAZING! i've been trying to get a prime material dragon for my deck. i just wish it had this picture on it. it's very well done. good job!
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aether. it's made out of the fifth element XD
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Hell yeah! One of my favorite dragon. Great work. :D
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Your welcome. Thank you for making this picture. ^^
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If I had to give a name to that material... I think I would call it "Golden Steel". :D
Properties it would have:
- Can't be corroded, if acid touches it, it cleanses the material instead of damaging it.
- If broken, it rigenerates.
Get the metaphor??? :w00t:

As for the card, the opponent might want to think twice before activating Dark Hole... 8-)
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I'd say a mix between a certain stone (Amber?), wood and caramel. :B Hmmm... sweet. :lol:
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i've always loved how this dragon looks, but it's since grown to become my favorite. then just yesterday i got lucky and finally bought the card, practically brand-new. (apparently, it's a lot rarer than i thought... o.O)
now, prime to me is like blue-eyes to kaiba. :love:
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They're usually not that hard to get. But they're pretty cool. :)
Congrats on getting one. :>
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indeed they are, i lurff prime. >v<
and thank you! :D
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Nice job on this.
Beautiful, just beautiful.

Honestly, when I got the card, I thought it was dragon made of caramel...or carving wood.
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Thanks. :) The dragon also made me think of those two things. xD;
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