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Blood Pack III

3rd installment of blood brushes ive made for PS CS, contains 14, high rez bloody brushes, enjoy and please link or msg if you use, thanks!
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Thx4paintbrush by SybilThorn
I used it here:
Femme Fatale by SybilThorn
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Thx4paintbrush by MeloCardio
I used it here:
Cutting Away My Darkness by MeloCardio
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I pretend to use in a project of a game (it's for a youtuber. A gift, with no profits or something else). If you want to see your name in the credits, please, reply here. We'll feel honored to insert your name there. And  sorry.... My english isn't so good... And, if the game return any profit, well, I'll contact you for know what to do, okay? Thanks for the brushes ^-^
thanx, i used it here

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Olá, usei em meu portfólio, thanks. [link]
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Used your brushes here: [link]
Thank you:D
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used for my tutorial :[link]

Thank you for the wonderful brushes.
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Hi :wave: I used these brushes here [link]
Thank you so much :D
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i wish i had ps anything....
i have a version of corel that came with my tablet x3
how do i save this on to photohop, like do i save the image?
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Great brushes! Am indebted to you.
As promised a link to the artwork
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free to use for all my stuff commercial and nonc.?

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I'll let you know if I use, thanks.
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i dont know where ill use it, but im sure i will.
as i always forget where i got wich brushes and use all brushes i have, i always give credit to all of them
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Great brushes, used them here: [link]
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I've made something similiar... but with real blood. Anyway, good pic! ;)
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wow really awesome
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oops... i hit the wrong button.... i guess your blood brushes are going to be on my favorites list now :O_o: ..
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umma i tried loading it but am soo confused on how in photoshop. aiee dear. but lovely work. btw ur hawt hehe.
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These are very usefull to me, thanks.
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WOOHOOO :headbang: I lovvve thisss... I'm soo gonna use it sometime soo I hope :kitty:
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