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I quite like this photo. The guitar is my dads. It's a Yamaha ERG 121. Comments are very welcome as always!
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A great singer and friend Rob Watson is an all-around good person who loves writing and singing music. He is helping me learn the guitar and I feel the need to repay him and since I haven’t got any money I would like to help his YouTube channel and get the word out about his 2 singles on iTunes and Spotify. First and my favorite is “What My Dreams Are Made Of” and second is “Amusing World”
You can buy them on iTunes Here: Amusing World – Rob Watson

What My Dreams Are Made Of – Rob Watson
Here is a YouTube channel where you can listen to Cover Videos and originals performed by Singer/Songwriter Rob Watson of 185 Studios:
Please give him some love and spread the word!
Oh and like his fan page please?
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Nice looking instrument. Well done.
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nice guitar!
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i like the reflection on the guitar it looks good as ^__^
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You have been featured here in the news
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God.I really love this photo.Awsomeee
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First thing that got in my mind looking this (beautiful) photo was- wth??? Stairway To Heaven !?! ... Oh and, your dad rocks :)
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That's a really good shot, if it's not in fullview it looks like the body (the horns) are mountains and that sheet is the sky. Plus zoomed in I like how the trees are reflected in it. This is really kewl.
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Nice guitar, you play yourself?
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Awesome reflection.
Awesome guitar.
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*sets as desktop bg*
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Cool! Guitars make lovely photo targets!
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i love those types of view.....
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Even I have the same electric guitar!

But I prefer playing my acoustics guitar.

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I have THE SAME guitar ! but I kinda added a design on it , cuz I got boring :
red stripes with a scorpion !
check my gallery to see it ^_^
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is this an prestige ibanez serie? :)
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Wonderful shot, nice reflections! :clap:
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Awesome xD I have the same guitar!!
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beautiful. wow:D
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I really likes the reflection on the right side of the body... What are those? Tree Branch?
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Amazingly done! Really domineering!! Lovely shot.
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nice guitar! i have one like it. but red:D tis wikid. well done.
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