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Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare

Here's my redraw of Yubel's final form, once again I took some artistic liberties. I figured the next step after turning her into a dragon would be a transformation into a massive terrifying serpent.

I'm actually modding these designs into Yugioh Duel Links, you can follow the progress right here:…
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Already this is one of the most EPIC EPIC EPIC pieces you've made man, you truly went above and beyond with Yubel here and showed how much you adore this lass (and rightly so cause YOWZA!). EPICEPICEPIC work on her naga form man! LOVE LOVE LOVE her tail and how you added the glowing eyes that contrast against her dark colors and give her that etheral lovecrafitan feel to them, and how damn smooth and sexy her tail looks and feels. LOVE LOVE LOVE the four arms and how you have her cupping her massive breasts, teasing the viewer and seducing them with ease, her three eyes glowing in tandem with the tail and the GORGEOUS horns! HOly fuck you won man.

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Always a joy to read your analysis, good to see you picked up on all these details I put in there.

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Well you put all this effort into making these epic pieces, you more than earned it man!