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Yubel + Oceanus Shenron = ???

So what happens if you fuse two gender ambigious characters with each other? Well, look for yourself!

I made sure to focus on their female aspects for this one. Anyone got an idea what to call this fusion?
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Her Name Is: Omega Yubel

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Oceanus Yuron - The Nightmare of the Seas
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Very nice name choice.

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EPICCCCC work on this fusion man! Maybe..Yubelron? Idk I like the sound of it.

EPIC work on the fusion of these two! LOVE her sleek, black outfit and how it compliments her blue colors, and the gold trim brings it all together geniusly. LOVE the one exposed breast and her being such a tease, arms opening as if beckoning the viewer, and the two colored eyes! YOWZA.

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Thanks a lot, pal! I had plenty of fun while working on this. I got one more pic in the works - that one's dedicated to regular Yubel, though. You can find the lineart for that one on my blog.

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Ehehehe, as you always do my man. Will do!

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