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Here's everyone's favorite yandere monsterspirit: Yubel!
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HOLLLY HELL. I had almost forgotten about this queen of a monster! God Jaden was one lucky bastard, and you showed it so damn well! The angle gives her that air of domination she's so well known for! The way you show off one of her breasts and how much skin she is showing off, claw on her hip, WOOOOOOOWOWOWOWWO.

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Thanks a lot, pal! As usual you've hit the nail on the head. She's definitely a dominant babe, Jaden is indeed very fortunate to have her. I already got 2 more pics of her in the works, currently finishing up the 2nd form (Terror Incarnate) and turning that one into a card & mod for Duel Links once everything's ready.

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Eheheheh, I would've never tried to send this babe away, even if she was crazy...hell that's another reason TO keep her! You have no idea how pleased I am to haer that, truly you've got me all pumped to see the others!

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Good news pal, I just got done with uploading her second form! You can also find a Duel Links mod for her on my twitter.

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Did not expect her to be honest

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Well I did use her in a fusion pic last time so it was kind of obvious I'd draw her, too.

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