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Sonic Emoticon #5

silver-sky-lights insisted she needed this face to be an emoticon.

And frankly, so do I.

From this:
Ask Manouge #3 by EvilLexie 
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Better than the new movie.
Genisay's avatar
XD This is a fabulous face!
EvilLexie's avatar
Why thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Sonic Emoticon #5 Sonic Emoticon #5 Sonic Emoticon #5 Sonic Emoticon #5 
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EvilLexie's avatar
THaaaaaaaaaksss Sonic Emoticon #5 
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Hi there! I had a video taken down from YouTube and wanted to reupload it. But I need to censor it ;-;  This Sonic face would be the perfect thing to use cuz of that expression X3
May I please borrow this pic to do so? 
I can give you credit in the description and link people to your profile!  <33
I wanted to make sure it was ok with you before borrowing this! 
EvilLexie's avatar
Sorry, I'd rather not ^^; I don't really want my art associated with anything that would need to be censored that badly.
But I would suggest there's a billion weird faces from any of the Sonic cartoons and comics that would work just as well. The internet is full of them lol
Soshadilver's avatar
No I totally get it! That's completely understandable.
It was only taken because someone was being childish. He wasn't being all that kind to my subscriber, and I stood up for the commissioner/sub but he got all mad and took it down. In all honesty, it wasn't so bad.
I only asked because if I covered things up a bit, maybe YouTube wouldn't have a problem and the commissioner would be happy :)
I'll see what else I can find. Thank you for your time. <3
EvilLexie's avatar
Aww thanks for being so cool :3 Good luck getting things back to normal ^^
Soshadilver's avatar
Lol no problem and thank you! <3 ^^
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When your crush compliments you.
Saturn--adopts's avatar
Can I use this as my icon? I'll credit you
EvilLexie's avatar
Sure thing ^w^
EvilLexie's avatar
Sure thing ^^ Thank YOU for asking and giving me credit :3
skylergirl101's avatar
 do you have to be a core member to make emoticons?
EvilLexie's avatar
Nope! What you do is submit it to the category: Customization / Emoticons / Chat Friendly Emotes and then choose the last two categories based on how big it is and if it's a GIF or not. Generally, most emoticons are 50x50 pixels so it's best to go with that size :3
skylergirl101's avatar
Awesome! Thx for the help! And your art is amazing! :3
EvilLexie's avatar
Aww, thanks! :'3
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someone:i thinking sonic force was bad on this year
Sonic Emoticon #5 : ooooooo nobody give this sh*t
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using as my icon omg
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