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:In Rays of Sunlight:

By evilkuroneko
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Sorry this took so long!! xB I had fun with this! Seiakii requested a picture of her cybunny in the middle of a forest.. Although I may need some practice on drawing trees, I had much fun with this. ^___^
Hoorah, this will be my last commission for a while, cause I need a break! xD Expect most of my pictures to be Neopets in the future, for I'll be submitting them in the Art Gallery on Neo X3 Which reminds me, I gotta fix my Userlookups on there too O: Ah anyway, I hope you like it!!!

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Ally-Yasha Digital Artist
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Oh man i love that rabbit, the tatoos or what is so nice - gives him/her a really nice look.
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whoa!! thats insanely good my friend 8D i lurve the sushine!!!!! it makes it mystical, no?
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NestlyHobbyist Digital Artist
Nestly: Ooooo. XD Very pretty Colleen. =3 I reaaally love the.. well, rays of sunlight. xD The beams coming through the trees looks very realistic with the specks of light and glow there, so thumbs up to you! The trees aren't very 'textureish' but I like the way they look so grand and smooth like that; like yer in a big old rainforest kinda. xD
By the way there Colleen, ya might wanna work on making yer lines a little cleaner next time; I notice you have that sketchiness way about you, (And I notice Bulma does that too xD) But I think it'd look really nice if you cleaned em' up in a scene like this where they're more noticable. <3

Oh hey bu the way- Did you ever get a chance to mess around with that picture I sent ya over e-mail a while ago? D: I still haven't really touched it and if you don't get a chance I'll go back to mess around with a background. X3
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Like I said, I'm not very good with the trees yet! I gotta practice and learn the ways of "Texturing" them xD They may not look very tree-ish right now, but they will look much better eventually. And yeah, I forgot to erase the sketchy stuff around the Cybunny! I also gotta fix the arms, they're supposed to be folded, (I have no idea how to say it xDD ) but got messed up, so they look like little fat stubby things! XD I'll fix it and will probably add some leaves in the backgound as well :3
Speaking of background - no I havent got the chance to mess around with your picture yet! D: But hey, I have plenty of time to color it in right now, so I'll send the pic back to you in an hour or so, (maybe in shorter time) is that alright with you?? ^^
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NestlyHobbyist Digital Artist
Nestly: Heh heh, XD Well you're getting tons better, so everything comes with practice. :3
And yeah it's fine.. just thought I'd give some suggestions. <3

Ohhhh, really? It's fine. X3 I was just asking 'cause I needa get going and finish it before it rotts and I never do. e-e; I do that a lot. So yeah if you'd like to do that go ahead. <3 Of course it's alright. xD
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Thank you Nestly!! xDD I'm finishing the grassy part of the picture right now with PhotoShop Elements 3.0.. Open Canvas 3 seems to hate me and deletes the picture when I try to save it - That's why it's taking so looooong DX I was hoping to finish the pic within a couple hours x.x It's almost done, I promise!! I gotta finish the staaaars and the graaass and I'ma done! XD
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NestlyHobbyist Digital Artist
Nestly: *laughs* Take yer time Colleen, I'm not in a hurry. XD I'm probably gonna mess around with it or use most of it for ideas myself. And er... Yeah, OC3 is screwy like that. x3 Mine does that too; always has. But I work fine with it now.
When you try to save it, do you get an error that closes the whole program down?
Use control S, or Control shift S on the keyboard to solve that problem. x3 Never use dropdown lists on that program or it explodes on ya. Ever the layers. <X3
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Ooookay, the link kinda messed up XD Heres the real link - [link]
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Hmm, Cool! X3 I'll be sure to try that out the next time OC3 screws up again xD Thank you!!

I'm uploading it right now >:B The stupid compooter is so slow right now, cause I had to bring up Photoshop to re-save it as a jpg (My mom asked me to get off before I could re-save and upload) xD SOoooo, I saved it and it is currently uploading right now with Ripway! Photo Bucket resized it to a 500x600 pic!! D:< Evil! Evil! Evillll! fdkafjkas#*HJKSD()#%#_S!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway O: Hoorah, it just finished loading! xDD Sorry if I went overboard on the background, I added a little mist behind them to make it look all mystical and neat XD I also added a little white shine around the edges of the two, cause the moons infront of them.. Or on the side... Or something. :B But like I said before! Tis just a suggestion for a background, so you dont have to use it ^^ Oh yeah, I made the picture a bit bigger too O: [link]
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NestlyHobbyist Digital Artist
Nestly: No problem. :3 I thought I told you that before, but, yeah there's really no other way to get around it, so try and use those methods. <X3

Ohhh, yeah Photobucket doesn't like big images. x3; S'why I hardly use it anymore. But er, well the reason I sent the file to you over e-mail in OC3 formate was 'cause I thought you'd be using OC3 and be able to send it back to me. x3 I don't have photoshop, so sending that file, or an uploaded JPG won't really allow me to work with it Colleen. <XD I'd just be able to use it for refrence.
Also JPGs sort of fuzz up an image. xD Makes lines less crisp.
But WHOA. +_+; I don't think you went overboard with the background. xD It's very pretty. I especially love the sky. *_*; That and the whole setup you used. It's what I was looking for. >3 But see, the grass is tottaly photoshop brush grass. xD I don't blame you cause you said OC3 was giving you problems, but I just can't work with this since I don't have all the layers you used, or say.. if you had a picture of your sky and nothing else, I might be able to paste it into my file... but you see what I mean? n_n;

I just really adore that background and effects you used and would love to work them into mine. <3
Sorry for the langthy message. x3 If you wanna e-mail me back or note me or whatever that's fine. :3 Just see what you can do. <3 I reeeaally appreciate the help Colleen! ^^
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Maybe you have told me about the OC3 thing before.. I probably forgot xDD
x3 I'm glad you liked the background as well! But I'm just not sure how to erase everything else just for the background.. Hmm, I could try to make a new pic with only the sky and then note or e-mail the link to you - then you can just paste it in behind the two XD No worries for the long message, and I'm always glad to help a friend out! ^____^
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she's adorablee :]]
i love the feet and her expression :D great job!!
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EternalEleganceHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww. X3 So cute.
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zekamoriStudent General Artist
Tis os EVIL!! BWHahahaaA!! :3
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CharlottaBavholmProfessional Digital Artist
:D aah, that cybunny is so cute and fluffy ^^ although it looks kinda evil. Just a question, isn't there supposed to be leaves on the trees? XDD I mean, they use to have branches quite low too.
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x3 Yeah, I'll go add some in the background later
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CharlottaBavholmProfessional Digital Artist
^^ ah, okay
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Wow! The shading and background are awesome! ._. I need to practice forest lights like that.

...But not right now. -is tired- =w=;
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OHHHH MY GOOSE COLLEEN, she looks so evil!! 8DDD Thank you thank you thankuu!!! <333 :heart::heart:
You got her absolutely perfect! Atttitude and all o: I love how shiny you make your trees look! It's so..atmospherical. ...if that's a word. > >;
Jeeeez, I'm a happy person XDD Thankyou so much!!! :glomp:
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Lol! xD You're absolutely welcome - I'm glad you like it!!
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Aiya, I love it! XDD
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KekiraHobbyist Photographer
Haha evil, smiling, mostly whitish cybunny. I betcha he wants ta burn down the forest.
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SeftiHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome, you draw cute and cuddly things so well. The cybunny looks so sly and smug XD nice jub with the fur and the sun rays.
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