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September 10, 2009
From suggestor: "I like Tygrat by *EvilInstinct for the texture detail it has in the fur, it's neatly painted and the pose it's been given is definately something I can imagine from something along the lines of a predatory monster."
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Field Report R219//T/1820Z- Filed by <deleted>

1. The attached images depict a specimen of the animal described in our prev transmit dated <deleted>. Hopefully this will convince <deleted> that further investigation is warranted.

2. Animal is about 25cm in length. Resting weight is 942g. Excessive amounts of tranquilizer required to determine resting weight. Animal recovered from a dose weight of <deleted> of Telazol within 30 minutes of exposure. See separate injury report for <deleted>, who was attending at the time.

3. We recovered this specimen from the <deleted> region. It honestly resembles some kind of cross between a tiger and a rat, so we have begun calling it a tygrat. Extremely aggressive. The region has no modern native tiger population, though it is within the former range of P. t. virgata. Request verification on current status of that species.

4. Image files attached.

This sculpture was done with Super Sculpey clay over wire armature. Painted with Delta Ceramcoat paints, since I finally ran out of most of my Citadel colors and that stuff is expensive.
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