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Demotivation Poster: The joys of Puberty by Evilhumour-Author Demotivation Poster: The joys of Puberty :iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 1 0 Funko Spyro by Evilhumour-Author Funko Spyro :iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 4 0
Death is forced to take a vacation: Chapter Nine
I walked straight up to the castle of the royal family, with the map that had fallen into my head leading me to an out of the way office, where a stallion was looking out at me.
“Who are you and how did you get in here?” he asked me, frowning as he started to push himself up from his chair.
“Fall Harvest, sir,” I said, bowing my head. “I’m here for the new gardner position.”
His frown deepened, staring harder at me. “How did you hear about this; I only started posting news for this opening yesterday.”
“I have good eyes and ears, sir,” I told him. “I listened when somepony told me about the opening earlier today and I wish to apply.”
He continued to stare at me before shaking his head and walked past me. “Follow me, kid,” he said snappishly, leading me out a very long and dull path that made me think he was trying to lose me or something. Little did he know that I was determined to have this job an
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 2 0
Death is forced to take a vacation: Chapter Eight
For the next little while, I began to learn how to do my job more and more, with me splitting myself up to cover multiple deaths that were happening at once while exploring the alicorn kingdom now that I could do so without having to worry about money, food, class or anything like that.
“You were exploring the alicorn kingdom?” Twilight asked, tilting her head while looking at Helheim. “I thought she-”
“Lady Helheim,” both Fall and Causality interjected, causing Helheim to roll her eyes that she formed for that sole purpose.
“I mean, Lady Helheim didn’t want to be known so…”
“Back then, I had more trust in my Reapers to behave themselves so I allowed them to be in the mortal realm,” she said with Fall looking off to the side recluntently.
Twilight licked her lips, seemingly understanding the situation enough that she didn’t have to ask for more details.
As I was saying, I took the time to really explore
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 0 0
Death is forced to take a vacation: Chapter Seven
We rematerialized in a place that, like the homes of the majority of Draconequui throughout the multiverse, is hard for somepony without their point of view to describe. But it was Causality’s dominion, the place from which she kept an eye on all their kind. In some cases literally. Don’t give me that look, Causality. My memory may not be perfect, but I will never forget how you were using a plush draconequus as a cushion for a giant fake eyeball back then. Partly because it was still there the last time I visited you!
Anyway, Causality was lounging on a couch attached to the ceiling when we arrived. She drifted down to greet us, with her grinning somehow. I would later learn that I was not really seeing her skull grin but more of a grin on her soul.
“What?” Twilight asked, tilting her head upwards. “A grin on her soul?”
“Yeah,” Causality said as she scooped up some popcorn into her mouth. “What you see isn’t act
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 1 0
Death is forced to take a vacation: Chapter Six
It all began on a muggy fall morning, with me doing what I always did back then: working on the harvest. I woke up with the rest of the workers, did my usual morning routine, then headed out to see where we’d be assigned by the day manager, old Green Lake, to bring the crops-
“Wait, you were with normal ponies?” Twilight interrupted.
Fall Harvest let out a sort of barking laugh. “This was the kingdom of the alicorns, remember? It’s not like Equestria today; there were no pegasi, earth ponies or unicorns in that area, just alicorns. The other tribes all lived off in their own kingdoms apart from us for reasons I can’t remember now, but it probably seemed like a good idea to all sides at the time. I was just a normal alicorn citizen and back then, that meant I had to find work even if I was sick.”
“Hold on partner, you were sick and they let y’all work?” Applejack asked incredulously.
“They needed ponies to work the field
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 0 0
Death is forced to take a vacation: Chapter Five
With a sigh, Fall began to make his way towards Twilight’s castle, ignoring the cries of the Ladies of Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity, Honesty and Laughter behind him. He only had a short amount of time before Twilight did something he would regret like calling her former mentor and kicking that hornet’s nest wide open.
“Ah said stopthere partner!” Applejack hollered at him as she tried to keep up with his pace; he was impressed by her determination, but knew she was doomed to failure: only another Death, or perhaps a Space, could keep up with a Death; he had heard of one time that some speedster had run to the end of their universe; the Reaper in charge of speedsters had followed him, only to run into the edge of time and, due to the lack of a universe after that point, had ceased to be, thus freeing their Power to pass on to another while the speedster they’d followed had run safely back to their own time period.
Pushing her words out
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 0 0
Death is forced to take a vacation: Chapter Four
Following Pinkie into Sugarcube Corner, Fall looked at the menu and began to see what he could get to eat quickly and be out of Ponyville before word about him got out. It would be a terrible vacation if he had to look over his shoulders the entire time for the sun about to set his flesh on fire.
“Hey Harvest, is the trip you’re going on long?” Rainbow Dash asked him, causing him to refocus on the world around him.
“Oh yeah, pretty long, very far away,” he muttered still distracted before he realized what he had said.
“Oooo, we need to get you something big then, Harversty,” Pinkie Pie said, causing him to sigh internally at his slip.
“There’s no ne-” Fall began only for Pinkie Pie to disappear on him with Rainbow Dash dragging him off to a booth that was thankfully not in view of the street.
Settling down into his booth, he noticed it was really out of the way and the ma
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 0 0
Death is forced to take a vacation: Chapter Three
Fall Harvest had a million different thoughts going through his head, mainly how to escape this situation but nothing came up that wouldn’t raise any flags. He knew that he would have to run fast before word got back to Princess Celestia that he had resurfaced and she started to burn down the countryside looking for him. And depending on how enraged she was, he just might have Hollow Grave appear by him and start smacking him upside the head for increasing her workload.
Then again, she might just do it for the fun of it. He knew he would bug himself if he was her; he could be such an asshole at times.
“Is everythin’ okay, partner?” Applejack asked, tilting her head up at him.
“Oh yeah, everything is fine, perfectly fine, fine as could be!” he said with the mare giving him a flat look that told him he needed to work on his lies.
“Great!” His vision was suddenly nothing but pink. “
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 0 0
Death is forced to take a vacation: Chapter Two
Fall Harvest debated whether or not he should go stop Apple Bloom from getting her sister involved. On one hoof, it might solve a lot of future headaches and issues and problems that would no doubt arise from being in Ponyville.
But on the other hoof, he was on vacation, being visible was not a massive issue. He shouldn’t have to work that hard if he was sent to enjoy himself on his down time, right?
Then again, it wasn’t the smartest ide-
“See sis; he’s an alicorn!” Apple Bloom shouted, causing Harvest to snap his head up as the two ponies came rushing towards him.
“No I’m not,” he said automatically, with enough conviction it was almost believable.
“But,” Applejack blinked, trying to reconcile his claims with what she could see with her own two eyes. “You’ve got wings and a horn; what else could ya be?”
“I, my good mare, am a winged
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 0 0
Death is forced to take a vacation: Chapter One
Helheim, Lady of Death of this dimension, was perusing her dominion, checking the souls that were set to be tortured when a demon came to her side. She cast her eye down at the beast, and while she could just get what she wanted through touching its mind, Helheim decided to use a voice in this occasion.
“What seems to be the problem?” she asked, using the voice of a former mass murderer instead of her own voice.
“Mistress Hollow Grave is complaining about Master Fall Harvest again,” the demon said in a grating tone that also carried the unease of having to pass this message along, its claws scraping the ground awkwardly.
Helheim let out a sigh in her own voice, shaking her head at her ancient Reaper. At least it was not Nidhogg as those fights were never pretty but then again, Harvest always managed to get under her proverbial skin along with the rest of her Reapers.
“Is he in his dominion?” she asked the demon which it nodded.
“Yes, Mistress H
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 0 0
Apple Coloured Rainbow: Omake Chapter One
The alternate reaction…
“Sit you two, we need to have a talk,” Granny Smith said sternly. Gulping, they made their way to their chairs.
“First things first,” she told them when they’d sat down. “Ah don’t mind ya gettin’ together… but could ya not do it when the rest of the family’s goin’ to be around?”
Blitz’s jaws dropped, then he straightened himself out and threw her his best salute. “Ma’am, yes Ma’am!”
“Then we’re good.” Granny stood back with a smile on her face.
“So… yer not mad?” Applejack asked hesitantly.
“Sakes alive, you think Ah’m mad over this?” Granny waved her hands. “It’s obvious he’s crazy over ya and ya both plan to make this last. Now, Ah’m no fool, an’ Ah know Blitz here ain’t yer first rodeo, but at least yer nothin’ lahk Apple Brandy back in Rainbow Falls.
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 3 0
Mature content
Apple Coloured Rainbow: Chapter Four, Mature :iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 0 0
Mature content
Apple Coloured Rainbow: Chapter Two, Mature :iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 1 0
Mature content
Apple Coloured Rainbow: Chapter Five :iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 1 0
Apple Coloured Rainbow: Chapter Four, Clean
“And that’s what we need to do, Blitz,” Blaze said as the pair did a slow circuit in the air. “Or what you need to do; we just need to work on the timing when we spread out from Fire and Glide’s burst from the start and then make sure we are parallel Silver and Surprise when we do our spins.”
“Right,” Blitz said while mentally visualizing what he would need to do - he’d be flying behind and below Glide, while Silver Zoom was doing the same above, and midway through the routine they’d fly in spins to meet one another in midair and change sides to do the whole thing in reverse but faster. And of course, Firestorm, Blaze and Surprise would be mirroring them on the other side of the arena.
After that part, Blitz knew things got a lot easier for him as there were less critical stunts, though they still required making precise timing with his partners. What he mainly had to worry about at that point was flying in sync
:iconevilhumour-author:Evilhumour-Author 1 0
My stories, please read, enjoy and :iconcommentplz:. The same goes for my art

For almost all of my work is :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Only my commissions are :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: for the people I told that they could.


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I've got a lot of them, mind you.

But would you guys like it?

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Fear those who revel in their sanity. For they are the ones that truly insane. Fear them more then anything if they know the truth, for their minds are far too gone to tell if to they are sane or insane.

My other self is a wolf with wings with a quadra-hinged mouth. So rawr!




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