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Africa multidisplay

Made in Maya
Rendered in mental Ray
Post in Photoshop

The download file contains a 2 moniter version in - 2048x768, 204x864, 2560x960 and 3200x1200

and 3 moniter version in - 3072x768, 3456x864, 3840x960 and 4800x1200

Single display version [link]

Update: Fixed a cut off shadow, thanks to :iconsgraves: for pointing it out.
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Awesome! Its adorable :D
jwanma's avatar
I like your styel!
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I think it's really cool that you made a Dual-Screen version, which will come very handy.

I have the normal one set to my desktop at the moment.

I just want to point out that it may be better if you created the background again because it looks like you just stretched the pixels. :p Don't mind me, it's just my oppinion that I think it makes the wallpaper less appealing.

These two africa pictures are awesome
parash's avatar
This is uniqe work man… awesome… a straight :+fav:
I like this very much
uchaffu's avatar
funny man........ pocoyó style...... but the sun.... good job anyway
consonanT's avatar
I really like that animals..especially elephant :sun:
consonanT's avatar
I really like that animals..especially elephant :sun:
sgrgic's avatar
Wow! Nice work!
chaos-kaizer's avatar
AleTheWitch's avatar
It's very pretty!! ^^
aCr0m-a's avatar
great wall! unfortunately too small
pbarreto's avatar
It's wonderfull....
It's defentely going on my desktop... [link]
Branchewski's avatar
XLCowBoy's avatar
I love the concept. This is definitely going on my desktop.
IICubanPeteII's avatar
Oh man, I saw that at the GUI champs and I loved it. Thanks for making a dual monitor version
cazzaca's avatar
/me luvs the baby giraffe :D
sgraves's avatar
The distant tree needs some work on the shadow. Otherwise, great piece. :)
evilhomer145's avatar
You know I've had this as my background for the past 2 weeks and i didn't see that. Thanks heaps, its fixed now.
x-seed's avatar
It's soo cool, man! :)
hisui-san's avatar
aaw, im not just saying this because im south AFRICAN....but i seriously dig this (serengeti)Piece of Work. the aminals remind me of the wooden carvings that they sell at the markets down here. Brilliant! I LURRVE THE TINY gIraFfE ... hy is my gunstelling :D
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