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Hello there, how are you, dearest deviants? :iconhurrdurrplz:

Stock rules right here:

_ Credit me, please. Just put in the description of your work a link that is connected with my profile page or the stock image that you used.

_ Tell me and send me a link of your work so I can see it and fave it 8D.

_ You may use it in other sites, but please, go accord those rules above.

_ Have fun with it.


Ah, also, :iconmorbid0beauty:, :iconmirianrose: and I made a collab photography project :) It's still very new, and we could use some tips.
Can be seen here :iconjamcorporations:
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IceMiyukiHobbyist General Artist
Hello. May I use your Underwater stock 17 photo for a background in a drawing I made? I did actually flip the photo because I wanted the light source the other way, but I'm not sure if you're okay with that.
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DigitalDreams-ArtProfessional General Artist
Iss commercial use allowed? Premade book covers?
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I really depends on the picture you want to use.
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MariaLoikkiiHobbyist Digital Artist
How about the possible commercial use (possible print sale outside DA, or digital image sale outside DA) concerning your watertextures stock? I specifically mean the possible use of this stock as a part of the artwork in question, not to sell the stock as it is!

25 Water Textures by EvilHateYouAllStock
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BlubirdssHobbyist General Artist
What it mean ?
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EmeraldDaffodilsHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I have a question. Is it allowed to use your stock for commercial purposes?
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It really depends on the picture and the product you want to make.
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EmeraldDaffodilsHobbyist Digital Artist
I'll be using this, and making a posting template like this and this. I will not be charging real money; it will be offsite virtual money that cannot be converted into real money.
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Sorry for the late response! Of course you can, then! Have fun with it
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I've used some of your stock here…;

Thank you for your incredible generosity in allowing us to create with your visions :)
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MacNrooHobbyist General Artist
Pirate Pup Adopt (open) by MacNroo
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MayVigProfessional General Artist
Used on of your lovely glass txture in this drawing! QvQ Contest Entry -Seven sins, seven virtues- Thanks a lot! >v<
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888pokeHobbyist General Artist
I have a question about using your stock:

Sometimes I will partake in competitions through school that will allow the use of stock materials, providing they are through a Creative Commons liscense, but because of how the competitions are usually set up, the owner of the stock rarely gets credit. If I participate in a competion that doesn't credit the original author/creator of the stock, may I still use it?
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I guess so, as long if it is not a model or premade :)
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888pokeHobbyist General Artist
Okay, thank you for clarifying. 
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tomraytHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for this dark forest. I used it here:…
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i used one of yours pics as a bckground here…
hope you like it
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DriPoint Digital Artist
Used here - very Many Thanks

The Rising by DriPoint
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leonaenaeHobbyist General Artist
Hey there, I was curious I make graphics and such on a website;, I sell some, and make some for myself. When I sell them, I get virtual money to buy virtual goods. None is transferable into real money. I can't credit on the image, but I can credit in a section of the "thread." This is my shop where I make things for people. May I use your stock on this website for selling for the virtual gold? I am more than happy to upload all I do here on DA and post a link for you to see <3
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I all depends on what picture you want to use :)
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leonaenaeHobbyist General Artist
I was looking to use (or at least play with and see if they will work) CastleSky least I THINK I did that right. The gaia thread Im making is called "Gift Giving Paradise" and its a charity =3 I know she would link back to your page right under the image.
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Sure, go ahead :)
Send me links when you're done, then :)
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leonaenaeHobbyist General Artist
YAY will do!
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