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Video Screensaver

Allows you to set a video for your screensaver.

After ages of searching for a good way to set a video as a screensaver, I decided simply to make one myself... Here it is.

Configurable idle timeout, video playlists, enable sound.

NOTE: This will only play AVI files.
If you want to set the program to start with windows, simply place a shortcut to the program under "Startup" in the start menu. This program is 100% portable and requires no registry or setup.
Requires .NET framework 3.0

To Use:

Simply run the program. The first time you run you will need to rightclick on the taskbar icon and select settings, from there you can add some videos to play.
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perfect ! Thanks you <3

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ok one main issue here is no loop at all the video stays at the end of the video the whole time my 1st though would be a long movie that can play without pausing
How do i make one video replay?
Hi, would you mind sharing you source code ? please contact me
How do i make one video replay?
How do I make one video replay?
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Thx. Had no problems and it works great.
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Under my Win7 64bits is playing .mp4 files! (probably it works with anything configured to use ffdshow).

The program itself works great, but it is not a screensaver in the classic way (.scr), it´s actually a program that runs when given "x" seconds of inactivity. That woudn´t let me use it in a dual monitors set up, it´s a shame, I was looking for that.
Is there any way to implement this across multiple monitors? Preferably with different sets of videos? That would be a nice feature.
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Good Going. I have a Video screen saver. Runs from a USB stick and does MPG primarily. It can pick a random video and then a random place in that video. Slow motion or normal speed.
Video rulls.
it will not open it does not say any thing just will not open up
Program keeps telling me "can't make video from Deutz Engine.avi file"
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Does it works also from an http ustream tv videos?
Thanks for making this. Works perfectly with .mkv files for me. All codecs load up perfectly when I use it.

Would be nice with a Test button and even a volume slider in the config. Still an awesome program.
didn't work for me... my videos were in .avi format but i just got an error like ~chipocludo's : "Could not create video from [file path]"
omg i've been looking for this for sooo long
only thing is it keeps saying

"Could not create video from [file path]"
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hey looks nice but is this compatible with 64 bits?? thanks!
All my stuff is compat with 64 bit windows, that's what I build and test on.
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oh ok thanks man!!! ;)
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