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Office 2019 icons pack

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hello, i downloaded the rar, there is icons i see it but i dint have any icons folder or anything like that in my first or second program files, office, office16 i cant find it can you help?

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Hi EvilGroup-
Can you do icons for Publisher and Visio? - Kind Regards
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Publisher .ico is here since 2018:…

Visio and all icons + exes (works 100% in Office 2016, 2019 and 365) + all Tiles for start menu in Windows 10:…
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V. nice clean icons, well done :) do you plan on doing any more in the set? I'd like to use them but I'm missing Publisher and Access so the set would look odd which is a real shame :(
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I haven't found the official icons for Publisher and Access, but I make it for you .

U will find Publisher.ico and Access.ico in this folder:…

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BEAUTIFUL icons EVILGROUP, very well done my friend :)
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Thank You..,but file corrupted(
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Hi! You need a new version of WinRAR, I recommended the version 5.60

Anyhow I upload all files uncompressed here:…

Enjoy :)
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Hi! Ok,thank you,i'll try. 
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