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FF dress up

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This took me 20+ hours to make. I am really, really proud of it. I worked so hard trying to get all the clothes, patterns and accessories correct. There is more than 100 clothing items to move. This was going to be put up for my 8K pageview, but I finished it earlier than I thought and I couldn't wait to put it up. So here it is, my early huge thank you for 8 k pageviews. :tighthug:

Originally I started making a dress up for my cosplays but I wanted to do more clothes so I continued with ff characters. Then i wanted to keep going and going. There were even more I wanted to add in but I ran out of room. Sorry it is so big. Bu please tell me what you think of it. =D

Rydia (FFIV) (omg she was annoying to draw)
Faris (FFV) ~cross-dressing version (hard to find references on her)
Terra (FFVI) ~Green hair and blonde hair version
Aerith (FFVII) (couldn't be bothered drawing her jacket)
Yuffie (FFVII) (So many layers and detail!)
Tifa (FFVII) (...)
Rinoa (FFVIII) (enjoy the wings =D)
Cloudette (FFVII) (lol, I had to put this in XD)
Selphie (FFVIII)
Garnet (FFIX) (the gown was anoying but fun)
Rikku (FFX) (again so many layers -@)
Lulu (FX) (belts... *glare*)
Yuna (FFX)
Yuna~gunner (FFX-2)
Rikku~thief (FFX-2) (awkward to draw)
Ashe (FFXII) (argh! The detail!)
Penello (FFXII:RW)
Lightning (FFXIII)

Base from: fav.me/d1swxsm
Wing brushes from: fav.me/dyjqga

Link to Final Fantasy Dress Up 2: evilfuzzle2.deviantart.com/art…
Link to Male Final Fantasy Dress Up Game: evilfuzzle2.deviantart.com/art…
Link to Disney Females Dress UP Game: evilfuzzle2.deviantart.com/art…
Link to Robin (Batman) Dress Up Game: evilfuzzle2.deviantart.com/art…
Disney V.2: evilfuzzle2.deviantart.com/art…

Dress up Game Tutorial I used: fav.me/dgz2lc
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That was a long time ago buddy why do you feel the need to comment now
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Jesus, How long did it take for you to draw all these? They look so realistic!La Cactuar 
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Thank you very much, Im really proud of it and I'm glad you like it. By looking at my artist comment I believe it took me 20+ hours to do that game. Funny cause the others took me soooooo much longer XD
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Whoops, just read description. My bad! So another question, Who is your favourite Final Fantasy character? Mine is Yuna.
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Yuna is my favourite XD
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Where's Light's sister Sera Sazh Vanille Snow Hope and Fang?
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Im guessing you found them in the other games XD
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I wished you would have had Garnet, with the yellow body suit
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I have her yellow costume in the second game: evilfuzzle2.deviantart.com/art…
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Awesome! didn't know there was one!
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XD Its all good, I put a link in my comments to my other dress up games.
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I updated Siera: here's the updated one link:
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I love it would u mind if I used to make a FF oc?
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sorry i didnt answer. I havnt been on for a while XD Sure you can use these for OC's just have a link back to the game and credit where dredit is due =D
Your character looks amazing =D
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