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Padded Pegasi

RD) ........ you know fluttershy I wasn't expecting the sleep over to star off so.... embarrassingly.  
FS) I know rainbwdash but the plumber said my loo wont be fixed till tomorrow. 
RD)(sigh) I know iknow its fine........... why do you have diapers our size anyway.
FS) oh! well you see sometimes when Im taking care of a pet or creature they sometimes cant control themselves, so im prepared with diapers of all sizes from. birdie sizes to beary sizes.
RD) oh! I see well at least nopony can see me in this poofy thing.
SL) its not that bad.
RD) ???? squirt w..what are you doing her.
SL) well! I came to ask you something but then I saw you wearing a diaper, so i put one on myself because you was wearing one and if your wearing one it must be cool right.
RD) y..yeah "cool" right lets go with that
SL) hm! 
RD) uh! what was it you wanted to ask me squirt.
SL) oh yeah I....... um ..... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I forgot?

requested by anonymous hope you like
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Pr1nc30fT1d35's avatar's so cute. ^_^
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the result when i see this:
Suicidal Depression by DoneItAlready  
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This is not a normal.
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like it, cute!
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Aw! It's so cute when all of them are abdl* ponies.
Thanks. Just wish that there was more diversity among the characters, like RD being the diaper lover of the series. Seriously she's always doing an activity that would keep her from using the restroom.
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Such a cute scene. Scootaloo looks like shes pleading for a diaper change.
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Epilogue to Pattycakes.
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Why!? - Jontron Chat Icon Whoa! WHY DIAPERS MAKE MLP SO CUTE???
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damn this is cute... and kinda reminds me of a fic
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Fluttershy's face CX
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Diaper fetishes much?
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if that's what the person how requested tis pic wants who are we to judge
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Well I notice you do have several of them in your uploads. Hey, if you're into it, fine. Not mad or anything.
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yeah I did one pony padding for a birthday gift for a deviant and then I get a hell ton of padded pony requests I don't mind it keeps my occupied 
Thanks for not being rude and saying no to what normal ponies would see as weird.
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are request still open if i ask for one in notes?
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sorry not at the moment my belt id full
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