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new prose + screenshot by evilfaeries new prose + screenshot :iconevilfaeries:evilfaeries 2 8 b r u i s e by evilfaeries b r u i s e :iconevilfaeries:evilfaeries 11 58 moo + a small prose from me by evilfaeries moo + a small prose from me :iconevilfaeries:evilfaeries 0 20
Mature content
CUNT :iconevilfaeries:evilfaeries 10 45
Mature content
Another Fix :iconevilfaeries:evilfaeries 5 18
Fuck Love
My leg hurts, and it's not even the leg that I smashed on the hard wood floor this morning, while jumping out of bed to stop you from leaving. Maybe this is my memoir of you, my last hurtful memory to think of you by. They always did say that love hurts.
Behind my pretty smile, there's a thick film coating my teeth; and I can't help but run my tongue over it to see if it tastes like you. I'm not sure if it does or not, 'cause my taste buds become extinct after I open a bottle of tequila, and half of it is gone. Slurred words and teary eyed expressions are all that is left of me.
And I'm sure that you think it's not your fault. It's never your fault. Nothings ever your fault.
But when I could feel my heart beating inside my stomach, and my tongue became hot and bitter as my temples were pulsating; I clenched my teeth and thought of you.
You: the one whose name had been written on my heart with a number two pencil. Everyone knows that pencil markings fade away through time. Just like
:iconevilfaeries:evilfaeries 24 73
Love letters
6:58 am
The love letter began.
Two old men sat in their greasy work clothes at bright red booths while sipping black coffee, as they talked about war. Of course it wasn't the ongoing war in Iraq that they were talking about. [ That would be too controversial of a conversation to have in this little bible belt town.] Instead, it was the Vietnam war that they spoke of. Quite a boring conversation if you ask me, but bits and pieces of it were interesting, especially the parts about the older mans brother, who went to war as a well respected level headed man, and came home seriously fucked up in the head. It was fun to sit and listen to them talk on and on, reminiscing about old memories that they had almost forgotten.
Uneasy eyes glared their way in disrespect, as a young couples child shared his first steps with the waitress nearby who was making faces at the child as she rolled up silverware in creamy white fabric napkins. A man sat in the corner booth talking on a cheap cell pho
:iconevilfaeries:evilfaeries 6 32


Your sign by werol Your sign :iconwerol:werol 2,221 250
Blue Dance.
Tonight the air smelled of ice
my voice climbed a mountaintop
& transformed into scissors cutting down acres of flowers
I mourned winter's sunrise from my legislative grave
I saw faces of people I've known and loved
all crammed into your blue eyes
I came home to a trashcan full of cigarettes
still rotting fruit attracting flies
Stepping quietly over your tombstone
I leave a trail - strands of infection
slurp runny egg whites & shiver for hours
wish your superior skin would stop
looking so aching & tempting
wish your brown hands would part earth
grab me by the ankles and pull me in with you
:iconself-intoxication:Self-Intoxication 3 5
Tasteless Emotion
I counted 4 spiders in my room
I named each and every one
You said that was dumb to call them all the same
They were individuals
I argued that its better to be the same
Then to be singled out and alone
You said you were always alone
And you liked it that way
It guess it didnt matter to you that i was there
I buried my head in your shirt collar
You smelled like dust
You said that times like this never last forever
Because soon enough
Something bad happens
Like someone dies
And it made me wonder
About that saying
"Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust"
And i thought that maybe you were about to die
And it saddened me to think that
You would be happy
I giggled as i ate the last chocolate
Savouring the rich milky taste
And i knew that sugar was the taste of happiness
I told you this
And you said that if all feelings had taste
Yours would always be bitter and off
Like pepper and lemon
And i wondered if it were true
Because your mouth always did taste sour
I blink as i looked up into the
:iconx-ribbon:x-ribbon 2 2
Writer's Block
This poem is just a paper airplane
waiting to soar across the room,
do a loop, and then crash into
the garbage can
If words were people,
this city would be
Ellipses take the place
of things which haven't yet
revealed themselves to me,
like stunt doubles
in a movie with no actors.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 1 2
Inhale by BellicoseButterfly
Mature content
Inhale :iconbellicosebutterfly:BellicoseButterfly 54 17
Light the Dark. by K2Ascent Light the Dark. :iconk2ascent:K2Ascent 9 18 Waiting for a Taxi by reinfected Waiting for a Taxi :iconreinfected:reinfected 37 24
The Stories of You
We had dreams of New York, of chasing
dragonflies in the park and laughing at
the pigeons.
The dreams were flat & flimsy, like the paper
you wrote them on.
You once told me you saw an old man with
dark eyes and a mandolin. It had no strings.
The expression on his face, the silent instrument
made you cry.
When your mother died, you had
no tears left. Instead you lay very still
under the willow tree, and killed the ants
that dared to go under your bare, strong
You had caught me.
In more ways than one.Your stories
made me afraid. You were stuck in a nightmare,
and you laughed at how soft the world was,
How easy it fell apart.
:iconohfever:ohfever 20 26
She comes to me when he is focused on distractions.
When beauty and emotion combine to make an indie rock song,
never to be played on radio.
When he feels good and it scares him, like murder's first kill,
he should feel awful, full of regret and other feelings
they've made words for.
When stomachs flatten and everything inside either bulges out,
or escapes.
He liked to watch it escape,
a fascination of watching smoke rise in the wind, away from him.
Smoke, like it was his creation.
Proud in a way, but still enjoying the sensations of it leaving,
growing up, and getting a job.
His smoke will pollute, and he grins at this fact.
That's when she comes to me and my patient ears,
which have no words to dance with,
Lonely eyes,
which gaze at passing strangers as if I'd known them since kindergarten.
Since I gave away my blocks to strengthen her own fortress.
Like I would give my arm for cutting,
just so she'd never have to feel the pain that action brings.
She was my distraction, with a font
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 1 5
interracial by SharkyFilmMaker interracial :iconsharkyfilmmaker:SharkyFilmMaker 1,435 179 ---------Wake You Sleeper by bluscrnofdeath ---------Wake You Sleeper :iconbluscrnofdeath:bluscrnofdeath 3 9
I could have been a streetlight if I were born in your city.
I might have been a skyscraper and stared
dark and blankly, shaking at your soft earthquakes.
I could have watched you the way little boys watch ants
drag and bring dead things into their mountain-holes;
only, you carry a recording
of my sex voice up the hills of Harlem.
I could have been concrete,
but you are ellipses.
I might have been a bubble,
shining, a weightless meteor.
Maybe, spending my time leaning in the wind,
like a waitress slanting to her table;
Or stared, afraid of touching your surface,
that world-ending matter.
:iconso-pretty-when-i-cry:so-pretty-when-I-cry 4 14
vienna series...Skye by viamarie vienna series...Skye :iconviamarie:viamarie 449 29 Bone Daddy by BellicoseButterfly Bone Daddy :iconbellicosebutterfly:BellicoseButterfly 54 36 An Error Of Judgment by BellicoseButterfly
Mature content
An Error Of Judgment :iconbellicosebutterfly:BellicoseButterfly 221 101


An Error Of Judgment by BellicoseButterfly
Mature content
An Error Of Judgment :iconbellicosebutterfly:BellicoseButterfly 221 101
-love is a mixed tape- by fangedfem -love is a mixed tape- :iconfangedfem:fangedfem 2,038 0 Pretty Purple by xxbcxx Pretty Purple :iconxxbcxx:xxbcxx 69 73 I Love My Spoon by avivi I Love My Spoon :iconavivi:avivi 519 65 In Still by welder In Still :iconwelder:welder 2,157 260 Would you eat me by lexidh Would you eat me :iconlexidh:lexidh 4,105 1,347 venetian alley by ssilence venetian alley :iconssilence:ssilence 1,174 321 Very Verrazano by darkintruder Very Verrazano :icondarkintruder:darkintruder 4 4



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Kandice Plain
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I used to write. I take a lot of pictures.
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and he is going to be awesome.
due date moved up to august 27th 2010.

& i need new books to read!!!!!!!!!!


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