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Cute Frog

Cute Frog

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3264x2448px 1.89 MB
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10/400 second
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6 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 23, 2009, 10:41:50 PM
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wow he's beautiful!
tepig1000's avatar
FROGGY IS MY FAV ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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that is soo cute and it looks like my pet frog at home
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RebeKahsOwnPlace's avatar
that def is so cute. Those big eyes and it looks young , wonderful shot. The green glistens in the light, perfect.
ig0706's avatar
Beautiful frog!
ReyHai's avatar
It was cute, the blue ground does really fit in^^
InspireMari's avatar
Cute frog indeed! :love:
imsocrazy's avatar
haha, im gonna download this, print it out and hang on my moms wall! shes scared of frogs like hell! haha not actually but gr8 plan, right?^^
gr8 pic!
evilelmo78's avatar
haha how can u be scared of something that looks like that! xD
haha yes it sounds like a great plan, especialy for a xmas gift :P
imsocrazy's avatar
I find it sooo cute!!! ^_^
my mom has (really!) jumped down a staircase already cuz there was a frog! almost broke her legs. So I know how to scare her on Halloween^^ But as said, I find them cuuute! Especially this green beauty!;)
evilelmo78's avatar
haha :O i wonder what she finds so scary about them.
aha yes i know of some one with a worse fear of cockaroaches!
imsocrazy's avatar
well she says they are disgusting, ugly and sticky. No idea, but I find it amusing at times^^
evilelmo78's avatar
haha they are sooo peacful xD

thats how i am able to put the camera and a big bright light in their face, with out them moving :L
imsocrazy's avatar
Hm, here they are nervous little things. And don't like being disturbed AT ALL, so I think it's the difference of the continents also?^^ We have no green ones here in Germany (or in Estonia), I guess, so your pic is already interesting for being sth different^^
evilelmo78's avatar
haha yeah, i wanna take a photo of the green ones with red or orange eyes! that would be awsome

what are your frogs like?
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Frogs are all cute. :>
evilelmo78's avatar
haha yeah, that makes them great to take photos of xD
JoGuge's avatar
oh my god!
:love: i love it! aww! i wanna pet it :eager:
evilelmo78's avatar
haha i wanted to do a photoshoot with it. but frogs dont stick around very long xD
JoGuge's avatar
i know! :crying: so depressing when they run away!
although sometimes when i get really really close to them they seem to get all mesmerized and space out til i'm done bothering them! lol they must be paralyzed with fear...
evilelmo78's avatar
haha yeah, this lil guy didnt mind posing for the camera though:D
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