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To do list

- Finish part 1 of 2 commissions for :iconblaster884:
- Dapplepaw Reference Sheet
- Finish part 2 of 2 commissions for :iconblaster884:
- Floatzel Reference Sheet
- Sparkfire Reference Sheet
- Quietstep Reference Sheet


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If I were to open commissions for money, would you want to buy, and what kind of art/content would you be interested in buying? 

28 deviants said Yes; please tell me what! (SU, Pokemon, GF, Ocs, etc...)
15 deviants said Nah



Jul 22, 2018
7:46 pm
Jul 22, 2018
5:33 am
Jul 21, 2018
11:40 pm
Jul 21, 2018
4:13 pm
Jul 21, 2018
10:08 am


In the meantime, before I try to start any big story projects on my own going or anything, I'm gonna try to rejoin The-Warriors-Guild and hop back into warrior cats for a bit. <3 
So here's a real loose idea of commission prices that I've got in my head at the moment;
Lineart $5
Colored $7
Colored + simple background $10
Colored + Complex background $15
Additional Characters $2 - $5 each (depending on how detailed character is)
They're kind of low but I really just need to make some money quick. I'll make a commission sheet here soon, when I can. <3 
I've been feeling SUPER nostalgic about Pokemon a lot lately (probably since I started playing Pokemon Go again a couple weeks ago) and...I don't wanna get anybody's hopes up too high or anything, but uh

There's a chance y'all might see some EoH pages relatively soon.
(I coloring the next page right now....)
Hey what's up I'm still alive I think
trying to be active on here is hard when you don't make art that much anymore //sobs I'm trying though!! If people are interested in seeing sketches and doodles and whatnot (which is...all I do now rip) I'll post those ;v; Otherwise I don't have much to show, I haven't....been drawing, really. 

On another note my girlfriend joined DA! Go watch her :iconacrylic-queen: her art is gorgeous and she just joined Deviantart again today ;v; <3 

Regarding EoH - Future of the Characters

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 15, 2018, 10:05 AM

Hey guys. Firstly, I wanna thank you all for the wonderful comments and support on my last journal - I was really worried that people would be upset or at the very least disappointed to see the end of the comic, especially when I kept promising that I'd keep it going, but you were all so overwhelmingly understanding and kind and I'm so thankful for you guys ;v; You're all wonderful and I adore you ♡♡

I want to talk about the future of the characters here. A lot of people have been asking me what's gonna become of the characters and all, and I know many of you are curious about the story, since it will never be finished in comic format....

So, here's my plan, as of right now.

I'm going to go through my document containing the entirety of EoH's plot and story, and clean it up into an..easily read format, and I'll share that with you guys so you can actually know the full story - I think it'd be a bit sad to end the comic and not let you guys know what happens. 

I will, however, be keeping some bits of the story private. The majority of the smaller plot points I'm going to keep to myself for a number of reasons I don't feel like sharing, but me excluding them from the final document won't be that big of a deal. You'll still get the full plot, rest assured haha. 

As for the characters...I'll still draw them, and share little stories about them from time to time. Once I share the plot with everyone I might draw some of those scenes out, and there's little side stories/background stories about the characters I'd like to share. I might keep the tumblr running for a little bit, and let people ask questions about the characters and all for fun, but...I'm not sure about that yet. We'll see.

Either way, I can't actually get rid of these characters for good. The main cast from the guild was (for the most part) created entirely by me, and I can't just..drop them because of the story being over, haha. They'll stick around. ♡ 

I have ideas for the far future as well, but nothing is set in stone so I won't say much and get people's hopes up. Just know that they're still gonna be here haha. 

Thanks a bunch everyone. I appreciate you all ♡

(Also apologies for any misspellings or anything I'm typing this from my phone at work lol)

Journalskin (c) owliix


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