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Pinkie Pie's Flying Contraptio



A vector I have been working on to use as a t-shirt design.

I need some advice on what to do with it, what's too sharp, too dull, out of place, colored wrong, ect.

Please don't use it without my permission, for now :3
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(Next Time...)

:iconpinkiepieplz: :iconsaysplz: Quick! To the Hinden-Pinkie!

(flies giant zepellin with Pinkie's face...into Sweet Apple Acres)

:iconapplejackshoutplz: :iconsaysplz: OH MAH GOD!

:iconpinkiepienoesplz: :iconsaysplz: Applejack, I am SOOOOOO sorry!

:iconapplejackmadplz: :iconsaysplz: HOW DO YAH EVEN AFFORD THESE THINGS!?