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Me as a Pool Floatie (Diapered) by evildew Me as a Pool Floatie (Diapered) :iconevildew:evildew 9 19 My Trainer Card by evildew My Trainer Card :iconevildew:evildew 9 6 Summer's Potty License by evildew Summer's Potty License :iconevildew:evildew 2 0 Spike's Potty License by evildew Spike's Potty License :iconevildew:evildew 2 0 Cherry X Sparks by evildew Cherry X Sparks :iconevildew:evildew 5 35 Pool Toy Spike by evildew Pool Toy Spike :iconevildew:evildew 6 2 My fursona by evildew My fursona :iconevildew:evildew 4 5 Spike by evildew Spike :iconevildew:evildew 16 18
Alola: A New Frontier part 1
In alola, there was a litten named Fuego. He was always made fun of in school. Life for him was terrible because of that, but all that was about to change.
One day, he was out playing with himself feeling all lonesome and a rockruff walked up to him and said, "Hi. I'm Bolt. What's your name?" The litten did not respond and continued playing. Bolt went to talk to him again. "Hello? Can you hear me?" Fuego turned around and said, "Yeah, I heard you and I didn't want to talk to yo..OH MY ARCEUS! GET AWAY FROM ME!"
The litten quickly ran away from Bolt. The rockruff shouts, "Wait come back!" Bolt then wondered, "Is it because I'm a dog and he's a cat?"
                To be continued..
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My OC in pony creator by evildew My OC in pony creator :iconevildew:evildew 1 0
The adventures of an eevee finale
They made their way to the Pokemon League, and it was a hard journey to get there. "I think we should fight the fighting type one. It is always the easiest one to defeat." Paul explained. Bella was worried about that and said, "Sure, but we need to choose wisely who to choose to fight them." "Perhaps I may be of help." a mysterious pokemon said. Paul questioned, "Who are you?" The pokemon spoke, "I am Star, the strongest Shinx around." They all gasped as they were surprised to see a shinx up close. After the first Elite Four was defeated, they chose which one to go next. "Let's go to...the dark type one." Paul said. As they went inside, they were carried by an escalator to him. After that was over, they needed Max Potions to recover themselves. After they recovered, they defeated the Ghost type and the Psychic type Elite Four. "This is it guys, the Champion of the pokemon. Let's go!" Star explained. They went to the statue to go to the Champion. "Well, well, well why would pokemon want
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My Pony Personality by evildew My Pony Personality :iconevildew:evildew 3 5
The adventures of an eevee part 9.1
As Paul and Bella are trying to forget about Riolu, they just simply cannot. They were on their way to Victory Road without one of their teammates, hoping that they find a new teammate. Suddenly, out of the blue, someone appeared on the road. Paul and Bella went to see who it was, and it was Riolu. "Riolu? Is that you?" Paul questioned. Bella was scared that he was a zombie. "Ahh! Zombie!" She shouted as loud as she could. Paul ran to Bella saying, "Stop Bella, NOW!" Riolu finally got a chance to say something. "Yes, Paul it is me." he said clearly. Paul said, "How was it possible that you survived." Riolu explained that it was a fake version of him. "Oh, that explains everything." Paul said in relief. Will our heroes survive going through Victory Road and the Pokemon League? Find out next time on The Adventures of an Eevee.
:iconevildew:evildew 1 2
The adventures of an eevee part 8
Our heroes continue to their next mission, to go to the mystrious Waterfall Cave. And guess who came back to fight, Team Skull. Suddenly, there was a great earthquake in the cave. Paul shouted, "Lets get out of here. We can't afford to lose any time." Team Skull made it out before our heroes but Paul told the team to run so they did. But when they almost got out, rocks blocked the way. "We need to find another way to get out." said Bella. Paul saw another way out so Paul carried them out of the cave. "Whew! That was a close one. Paul, make sure everyone is here, ok?" "Ok I'm here, you're here, wait where is Riolu?" Paul cautiously looked for Riolu, and the earthquake was over and the cave was destroyed so the two heroes looked inside the pile of rock and Paul found Riolu dead. "Uh, Bella? You might want to look at this." So Bella ran to Paul to see and Bella started to cry. "Why did he have to die like this?" Bella cried. "We'll never know Bella, we'll never know." So one of our heroes
:iconevildew:evildew 1 2
The adventures of an eevee pt7
Paul, Bella, and Riolu continued their fight against Drowzee and Drowzee was going to do his final attack until Paul used Tackle to finish Drowzee off. Drowzee gave up and the gang turned in Drowzee and got a huge reward, but suddenly Chatot had to take most of their money like always. And then suddenly Team Skull came back to fight them again and the gang wasn't prepared to fight until now. They combined their strength to defeat them but they weren't strong enough to defeat them. The next day, they now defeated Team Skull into the dust. They were now sent to go to Apple Woods. tune in next time to see what happens next.   
:iconevildew:evildew 1 4
The adventures of an eevee pt6
The adventure continues with Paul, Bella, and Riolu with after they captured Drowzee, they went to Spinda Cafe to celebrate. Then, they got a call from the guild saying, "Come quickly there is danger at the guild." So they got to the guild as fast as they could. When they got there, Chatot said to them, "Its Drowzee again he got out of the pokejail and is attacking the guild." Paul said, "Oh no not again." Who will win the battle Drowzee or our heroes. Tune in next time.
To be continued....
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Here is my work. Please don't hate it please.


siblings by KitKat-s siblings :iconkitkat-s:KitKat-s 122 13 Floatpix by CatDogJoe Floatpix :iconcatdogjoe:CatDogJoe 35 9 Pizza Butt Lycanroc by WeeWizzyLizzy
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Mindy and Ushio's home movie :iconabudul:abudul 50 3
im actually really sorry *DRAGONITE ANTHRO ANI.* by Jimworld70-VORE
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im actually really sorry *DRAGONITE ANTHRO ANI.* :iconjimworld70-vore:Jimworld70-VORE 48 95
Tails's Home Movie by cumeoart Tails's Home Movie :iconcumeoart:cumeoart 283 106 Little Luxray by yoshiwoshipower99 Little Luxray :iconyoshiwoshipower99:yoshiwoshipower99 13 10 Show-Off by FlotianChroma Show-Off :iconflotianchroma:FlotianChroma 35 1 Squeaky Spike 2 by CatDogJoe Squeaky Spike 2 :iconcatdogjoe:CatDogJoe 14 26 Bambi Pokemon Verison by Espeon9488 Bambi Pokemon Verison :iconespeon9488:Espeon9488 15 0 Pokemon Smash Bros Fighters by WolfJayden Pokemon Smash Bros Fighters :iconwolfjayden:WolfJayden 91 13 Growlvee and Arcaneon by widwan Growlvee and Arcaneon :iconwidwan:widwan 14 7 Quiet evening by Vanilocke Quiet evening :iconvanilocke:Vanilocke 55 9 LuxrayBlast and Suizuki- Tucking Luxxibaby in bed by LuxrayBlast LuxrayBlast and Suizuki- Tucking Luxxibaby in bed :iconluxrayblast:LuxrayBlast 23 13 Gays by Cosmic-Eevee Gays :iconcosmic-eevee:Cosmic-Eevee 11 3
other stuff i liked

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I've been thinking lately and realized that I should post more on this page. I have a story but I'm afraid that it was already thought of. Should you guys like to see another story on this page?
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Me as a Pool Floatie (Diapered)
This was made for me by :iconcatdogjoe:
Basically a diapered version of me as a floatie ^w^
My Trainer Card
This is my trainer card that :iconglaceyglace: requested me and a few others to make, so here is my team

Jolteon Lv 100

Thunder Wave
Hidden Power (Ice)

Decidueye Lv 98

Spirit Shackle
False Swipe
Leaf Blade
Brave Bird

Incineroar Lv 89

Flare Blitz
Darkest Lariat

Primarina Lv 74

Hyper Voice
Hydro Pump
Sparkling Aria

Lycanroc (Dusk) Lv 95

Rock Slide
Fire Fang
Stone Edge

Alolan Ninetales Lv 92

Ice Beam
Confuse Ray
Dazzling Gleam

Well there's my team. Hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did please leave a favorite and comment down below what you think of my team. by the way the Jolteon is supposed to be shiny but I couldn't find a shiny Jolteon for Alola.
Thank you and have a wonderful day ^^
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I have tried my little pony for a while, but now realize that it was a waste of time. I will continue to love pokemon forever with all my heart.

The Eeveelutions by Marlenesstamps

My birthday badge



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