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Chibi Fluttershy Render

This is a render of a Chibi Version of Fluttershy. The original image is found at [link] . This was created using Photoshop CS4.
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aww... she look so cute! 
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Naw, I don't mind! You even credited me! If you wanted it like this, though, I could've given it to you! XD So soooo glad you liked it that much, though! <3 ENJOY!!!
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Hehe, thanks <3 Though now I might be wishing I just would've asked you, at least I got some practice in for rendering, hehe. :P
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LOL No worries! I usually put my BG colors on separate layers just in case I want to use it as a transparent gif so if it ever happens again, I can just remove the bg and send it your way! <3
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you should not render other peoples works :P
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Well, that's what a render is. A render is basically just taking the background of a previously made picture. This one was a request, so I rendered it. It's not stealing and I gave a link to the original picture and didn't claim that the work was mine, so I don't see what the deal is here. >.>
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You do realize how a render works right?

You render an image that someone else made, that is what a render is.
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