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I am going to the VA comiccon one day show on February 7th :o

and by going to it, I mean I've got a table there and I'm going to be selling comix. (and sketches? idk)

but yes moistly I just wanted a new journal entry.

Holy cow, my last journal entry was almost 2 years ago? Uh.

Taking a break from drawing a comic for a week, and have been trying to draw random sketches, but can't think of anything to draw.

Also have a new tablet that I'm trying to get better with, so if anyone has a request, I'll draw it. 

prefer to draw OCs or fan art or something. Or totally random crap is fine too.

of course there is the chance I hate what you request and never draw it >_> but thats unlikely
heres some dumb comic
going to las vegas on the 13th :)
Sorry to you watchers that had to delete all those deviations I submitted yesterday.

but if u want to read the comic it starts here and there are navigation links in my comment section of each page…
For the final 3d Design project of the year, we have to make an outfit. The catch is that it has to be made from unusual materials. :

Wondering if you people who might read this have any ideas for materials that might work? So far all I could really think of is tape and wood.

Right now I am thinking of making Baitie's hat from Death Switch.…

and maybe Jozobad's jacket in this picture…
So I finished my giant Picasso head. Right now it is at school on display, but soon I'll have to take it home.

I don't really know what there is to do with a giant Picasso head though. :  Someone suggested I make it into a pinata, but thats a bad idea.
I got a free box from walmart. It was the best box, and now it is part of my giant Picasso head
I forgot that I'm in a film making class this year and I had the first lesson today. We get to make short films. I dunno what kind of film I'd want to make though
Finally, a good idea on how to end Jacobin Saves the World came to me, so expect the conclusion of the comic to come shortly. I'm guessing there will be 5 more pages left. :

Also I am starting the cover for the new Jozobad comic. Its going to be a remake of the old Jozobad, but hopefully better in every way. The drawing will be cleaner.. probably more like the drawings in The Death Switch. The story will also make more sense >_> at least it will probably make more sense.

However theres still a lot of things I'm not sure about. For instance, I don't know whether Jesus should be in it :  and if he is in it I might change how he looks >_<

whatever I'm just rambling now, thanks for reading
I was going to try and finish Jacobin Saves the World before I left for Texas, but I don't know if that is possible. :

O well. Maybe I'll hold a contest to span those 10 days that I am gone. :) Does anyone have some good suggestions on what kind of prizes I should give? It can't be anything that costs money though ._.
Whats up homies?

I have not written a DA journal in a while. This is mostly due to the fact that there wasn't anything to say. However, there is actually much to say.

Most of it would involve my family, because my sister is pregnant and my brother is out of jail.

Some of it would involve school, because the semester has been over for a while and I still have no clue what my grades were.

The coolest thing is that I am going to Texas(near Dallas)to visit a friend. :o Its kind of crazy, because I'm going to be there for 10 days.. which is kind of a long time... so by the end, somebody will be dead, 'cause we'll be sick of each other.

Also another friend is moving away to Alabama :  it doesn't change much since he is usually gone for college, but it still sucks. That friend's dog also died D:

Okay.. thanks for reading. It was a pretty boring update.
My last journal asked for requests, but I didnt do any of them. >_>

So this time I'll only do one request and it will be the coolest suggestion. Please post something you think would be cool for me to draw :
I want to draw something but I don't know what, so if anyone wants to request something I'll try drawing it :
Okay I'm going to try and draw a chapter of a comic I've never tried to draw before. :

This time I'm gonna upload it all at one time. So hopefully in a month  I will have it up. It will be in mechanical pencil. :

idk why I made a journal for this but just wanted to tell you peeps since I will not share it with people I actually know, because I'm embarrassed how the main character resembles me -_-
how are you people doing
Ok my final homework assignment in art class sucked. The toning was sloppy and the proportions were whacked up :

o well, it was my first time drawing a live model for such a long time so thats ok. Next time I do something like this it will be awesome.

However I think my drawing has improved a whole lot
Today we made drawings of a naked person in art class. It was fun and I did well except I kept making her head too small. >_<

In one picture I drew a dinosaur coming to eat the tiny head
There haven't been any updates on death switch recently, but thats okay 'cause its kinda lame. I reread it and liked the first part, but the second part was lame and so was the third.

However I'm going to keep making it. The only reason I haven't recently is because of a new game I got that is really addictive. Tomorrow I am going to start trying to do 1 page a day, though (at least on the days I have no school).

also reread JSTW so I'll probably draw random new pages of that
In drawing class we are starting to draw humans. So far we have just drawn from drawings done by Carracci and Sargent. Soon we will draw from live models though, and that will probably be hard.