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Neliel and Harribel Espada

Hey Ya. Here we go again with my favourite Bleachpairing evaaa!!!11 :crazy:

The coloration is not finished yet, also I don't know if my coloring skills are enough to do a satisfying coloration, yet, so I download it like this. With base colors only :P
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really cool
the Shark and the Antelope
Predator and Prey
Hunter and the Hunted
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this is a excellent pairing
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Yes! So nice drawing, I love this pairing.

Grampa: Somehow, a childrens card game has caused me to become severely injured!
Yugi: Good, then I can steal your deck and go duel my archrival.
Grampa: No wonder your parents are never around.
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:3 This is my favorite pairing too. :'D
Bloody-of-ivy-leaves's avatar
I love it!
Especially the pose.
Do you have the original blank lineart?
I'd love to try and color it.
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Hm sure. Why not. Here it is [link]
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You're definitely getting better :love:
Everything is so beautiful here, the colors, lines, poses and characters.
Plus I love how you did the folds.

Great work!
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Thanks Bff! :)

And yeah.. I'm kinda shocked, too, you like the character, since it's the witch who almost killed Toshiro, and probably will do this again soon :D
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She almost killed him, but she has very cool design....
and he become very stupid and cliche' lately...

So go Witch!!!:love:
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