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Daimon Undokai

Sailor Moon S, Death Busters, Mimettes Daimon Undokai

Lines [link]

Finished in like 5h in one go. Gotta get quiiiiicker
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If Mimete had not rushed to help, the Demon would still have been able to kiss Paul Hayase on the mouth, in your opinion?

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For me this Daimon is not ambiguou! Yes, she took care about Hotaru but she didn’t think only one moment when was moment to kiss Paul Hayase! When Hayase has been blocked from hands of Mimete, Daimon could think that there was not anymore spirit of competition and leave Hayase in peace! All of you watched this episode and you know what happen after intervention of Mimete; Daimon kiss Hayase and stolen his pure heart.

The Demon should have given up kissing Hayase in the mouth as he was in trouble! Two women against one boy has no match. Undokai took advantage of Hayase's moment of weakness to kiss him on the lips! This demon is more evil than the others!

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Yay i thought i was the only one who remembered this gal!
"Did you get my good side?"
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This Daimon is ambigous, it's the only one which has taken a care to Hotaru.
Well, it asked if she was okay.
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