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This is a fan art piece. Original character, story & artwork is owned by the original creator and possibly the company that owns this character. 

Art & Story is authentically created by Sires J. Black. The artist grants full permission to redistribute, alter, trace, or use it in any other way without artist's and creator's permission for personal use. Profitable use is requested to be prohibited without original owner and/or creator's permission or until creator's death.
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Aaahhhh this is so perfecttttt I've always loved Xatu and this really does him justice~
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Dang that's terrifying, I always thought Natu and Xatu were creepy from the moment I first saw them.
ShadowSpyProductions's avatar
He can see your past.
Japanfan89's avatar
This Xatu totally looks rad, like it's in Native American culture.

1 of my favorite Pokes in Gen II, mostly for it's odd yet unique design, if only the poor bird had a wider movepool to go with it (the others are Ampharos (for both it's tanky stats and it's adorableness), Tyranitar (Godzilla references abound, plus he's a beast depending on the stats and nature), Typholsion, Steelix (this poor guy used to be awesome, but even with a Mega Evolution it's still horrid.)
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That's me going... "I've seen of serious shit."
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Reminds me of my Xatu named Mojave.
Omen11's avatar
this is terryifing in the best way. zatu was always goofty to me but now he looks creepy-threataning. love the shade of pink used, to signify his psycic abilities and also that they dont subtract from me looking at xatu. The pokemon is still the focus even with such a strange and cool background,.
thetaijutsumaster's avatar
I love Xatu so much this is great
EvilApple513's avatar
Xatu is the BEST
Thank you :)
BreathFlux's avatar
Waaaa!! The simbols is harassing!! Uhuhuhuh. Beautiful!!
EvilApple513's avatar
Yeeeeesss goooooood <O><O>

lolol thank you!
whoeveriam0iam14222's avatar
very nice Pokémon but it looks so weird in XY with the flying
EvilApple513's avatar
Yeah I'm not a big fan of the sky battles anyway I'd definitely preferred them on-ground like they should; it's stated in the dex several times that they prefer to stand around. 

But how they eat their macaroons in Pokemon-amie is too amusing.
whoeveriam0iam14222's avatar
would have been nice if the flying Pokémon had both a grounded and flying animation.. only flying when in a sky battle.. Pokémon like Skarmory don't seem to be able to keep themself in the same spot in the air with their animation
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