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Character, Story & Artwork is authentically created by Sires Jan Black. The artist grants full permission to redistribute, alter, trace, or use it in any other way without artist's and creator's permission for personal use. Profitable use is requested to be prohibited until time of artist's death.

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When I see your creation, I see the painting of Edward Munch "The scream" (the form of the character and their arms and hands around the face).

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Is this a refrence to how there is always a chance for bad things/phases in life to end? If the suffering (main-character in the picture) gets too much (big) its head will be above the stormy clouds and from what we know there is nothing but sun/moon shine above the top of clouds representing happyness/end of suffering...
For a while atleast, untill the mental attitude is too relaxed and the character shrinks again and gets back in the area of the clouds... it's a death-cycle, really...

OOORRRR I'm just getting an entirely wrong message and this is just some dude screaming with their head in the clouds...
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Naw it's open for interpretation and your take on it was deep. I got engulfed by your vision and made this piece so much more than it's creative value. Thank you so much and I'm pretty flattered this piece could pull out such creativity from you. 
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this is gr8  Big Fool Emoji-28 (High Five YES) [V4]  just DO IT!!! 
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Haunting... o_0

***EDIT*** Whoop! Story idea!!!


In the horizon, I could see her. The statue of the goddess--Stormbreather. No one knows when she was built, or who built her, or for what purpose, but she has loomed over us for ages. The church of the Stormbreather claims that she remains to bless our normally infertile land with rain; black storm clouds flowing from her mouth like smoke, spitting lighting, roaring thunder.

I do not look upon the Stormbreather in awe.

Her gaping maw...

Her hollow, unseeing yet all-seeing eyes...

They haunt my nightmares.
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Wow that IS haunting, and your story idea made it even more than what it is. Thank you and I'm flattered to inspire you such vision and emotion.
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This looks amazing!!
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You're welcome!
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