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This is a fan art piece. Original character, story & artwork is owned by the original creator and possibly the company that owns this character. 

Art & Story is authentically created by Sires Jan Black. The artist grants full permission to redistribute, alter, trace, or use it in any other way without artist's and creator's permission for personal use. Profitable use is requested to be prohibited without original owner and/or creator's permission or until creator's death.

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This looks awesome!💯
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Another Mega Beedrill by you, yes please! I love how you portray Pokémon, but being Beedrill a personal favourite, I can't help but to like this one more XD I love how menacing it looks here, both the pose and lighting emphasize that feeling, really nice!
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More definitely coming! I LOVE Beedrill and I'm glad to meet a fellow fan!
Thank you for the compliments. 
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Haha Megabeedrill movie would kick ass!
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Finally nice to see Pokemon fan art on the front page that isn't Eevee related. Looks amazing! Love how sinister Beedrill looks here.
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nice one, love the contrasts and the beedrill's expression!
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the shading, the shadows beautiful When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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Good morning friend, MegaBeedrill so awesome!!!!!. 
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Welcome to the world of Pokémon, where your worst nightmares come true. *Runs screaming in the general direction of 'away'*

BEEDRILL: "I'm a sensitive being and that reaction insulted me!"
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Beautifully made! Beedrill on its own is a neat Pokemon, this is some awesome stuff! 
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You're welcome, please keep it up! 
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