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Trying out a different lighting than usual. Gah I LOVE making Vince smirk and be such an arrogant bastard. With blood :D

Character, Story & Artwork is © Sires R. Black and ©BlackStarr513®
All Rights Reserved. Please do not redistribute, alter, reproduce or use it in any other way without artist's and creator's permission.

Tools: Easy Paint Tool SAI / Photoshop 7
Time: 7 hrs.

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© 2009 - 2021 EvilApple513
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Man what a smug mofo
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This is gorgeous *0*
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:iconcryforeverplz: THIS IS SO AMAZING~ I LOVE IT OMFG
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SO amazing! >.<
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Allriigghht~ Finally got to look at this! >D Although, haha, I thought the image in thumbnail form was entirely different from the image in Full view. o__o On the thumb I thought Vince is on the floor, bleeding but smirking at his attacker going, "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!?" I blame the background color, it looks like the floor. >3>

That strange misunderstanding/reading aside, HAHAHA I LOVEEE THE WAY VINCE SMIRKS. It's like he'll REALLY FREEKING kill you, and ENJOY every last bit of it! >888D So yes, you said it with "smirk and be such an arrogant bastard" --who also has somewhat sadistic/psychotic tendencies. :psychotic:

Although I think the point would be even MORE obvious/driven in if he had a gun pointing right at us in this image. DYNAMIC MUCH? :d
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OGM~ I know what the bandaid is for....>.>

He burnt off his eyebrow...<.<

~hides behind you so he doesn't kill me~
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:lmao: it's really hard to guess!
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~makes a face, concentrating~ Oh! It's a birthmark in the shape of a strawberry!
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Lol am I even close?
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...he has a tattoo of an apple over his eye brow...

lolz This is going to bug me
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>D be bugged!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA
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I can't stop staring at his smirk...

(and i love the band-aid. so much character. XD)
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XD XD XD I'm sure Vince would be very glad to hear that someone actually likes the band-aid! If he had the choice he won't be wearing them >__>
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I was about to say "wtc is wrong with his eyebrow?" but then noticed it's actually a bandaid.

I love his sexy non'eyes and smirk *swoons*
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lololol yes it is indeed. Why? you may never know...
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VINCE! =D He looks rather bad ass here as well.

Really nice work. =)
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I realized I was a bit overdue for some comments, and had missed some of your newer work. Please keep me updated with developments in your story, so I can follow it as it takes on life. It is one of the best endeavors I currently support and I am greatly looking forward to it taking flight.

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Vince <33333

That's right. Flaunt your sexy, badass bandaid. xD (such pretty hair~)
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