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I have no idea who these are except I recognize Bakugou from my friend’s favorite hoodie. What’s BHNA? I though Bakugou was from My Hero Academia. Truth be told I have never seen it though. Can’t find it anywhere where you don’t have to pay to watch it or have to pay for the app.
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BNHA stands for Boku No Hero Academia, the Japanese name for My Hero Academia

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Thank you for replying!! I actually am familiar with most of the characters now, as I researched the show and started watching it. (I’m currently on episode 6)
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Hi my name is James, and I'm trying to start up a YouTube Fan art channel and I was wondering if I might be able to use some of your art. you can get back to me through my gmail, which is pirate101bloodwolf. If you are okay with it I look forward to working with you.
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Nice work! Looks really good!
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Love the use of color and expressiveness!!
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the main trio of the dekubowl on the back
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I saw this on the internet once.
Now i found you.
:D yes.... so good!
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This is just awesome :iconyuiwahplz: They are all so cool and love the details. Great job
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This is amazing!!!!
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Three of them look completely savage and one of them looks adorable. Love it!
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Really shows off their badassery
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this is too cool!!
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