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A dream of you

Come a little closer
Turn another page in the story of what's waiting for you
Step into the wonder
Of everything you've pictured, as it comes into view

Once upon a time used to be long long ago ...
Used to be far far away
Look how far we've come today

Once upon a time is suddenly right here and now ...
Right before our eyes
This happy ending's just beginning and much to my surprise

Happily ever now I'll know how far dreams can go
Nothin's too far far away
'Cause we've got faith that makes our day
In my heart I know ... Anything's possible here ... Anything at all
Whatever we believe in happens, no matter big or small

I've imagined being here like this so many times before
Reaching out to take your hand as the butterflies in me soar
Dancing with you under the Sun and underneath every star
We've made a wish and believed and believed ...
And voilà! Here we are!

It's just like we dreamed it
As far as I can see
It's just like we dreamed it
As good as good can be
And I know it's so much better
'Cause we dreamed it up together
Just like we dreamed it, to life! Magically...

@ Disneyland Parade Paris
(Q.Q I miss Disneyland so badly )

Kingdom Hearts ~ Dream Drop Distance
@Disney / Square Enix

:iconrotemamba: as Riku
:iconevil-uke-sora: as Sora

Photo taken by :iconmissmindcrush:

Costumes and wigs are selfmade :heart:

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TheDarkestZero's avatar
This is literally the cutest thing ever!!
zuo2012's avatar
So Beautifu...I can't live without you./////.
Evil-Uke-Sora's avatar
 Waiii Thank you so so much!!! :cuddle:
kawaiimeister's avatar
awww how precious <3
Evil-Uke-Sora's avatar
:heart::sun::heart:Thanks a lot!!!! :love:
kawaiimeister's avatar
you're welcome ^^
AnimeLover-01's avatar
wow you look like lisa from the saddle club in this picture!… (picture is not mine just as a refrence)
Yurikominami's avatar
XDDD OMG!!! that face <3
Julie-Tr's avatar
Oh, so great! (and that smile is so cute) :love:
Evil-Uke-Sora's avatar
Tifa-Lee's avatar
wart ihr nich auf der mmc dieses jahr oder verwechsel ich euch grade xD
Evil-Uke-Sora's avatar
SuperSonic096's avatar
It's nearly incomprehensible how cute the two of you look together.  If you girls become any more cuter than this, you'll make reality fall apart!

The costumes sure do have a ton of detail!  It must have taken you a while to make them!

Tell me: are the two of you still a couple?  I heard in one comment that the both of you are lesbians.  Which is total fine!  In fact, I support gays and lesbians!  There is nothing wrong with it!  Just love whoever you love!  Forget gender!

*Ahem*  Better stop myself before I go off on a rant.  Again.
Evil-Uke-Sora's avatar
*A* Thank you SOOOOOO much!!! :heart:

Yes, we are ^.- Thanks a lot
SuperSonic096's avatar
You're welcome.  I really like it when cosplayers of characters who are in love (like Sora and Riku) are actually in a relationship.  It makes the pictures much more meaningful.  I hope for the best between you and RoteMamba.
FruitySheeps's avatar
Girls, you're amazing. <3
Evil-Uke-Sora's avatar
o*0*o Thaaaaaaaaank yooouu!! :love:
FruitySheeps's avatar
You're welcome <3

Geak-of-Nature's avatar
you have such a beautiful smile!
Evil-Uke-Sora's avatar
Waiii Thank you so so much!!! :cuddle:
kjansen's avatar
love the hair
Evil-Uke-Sora's avatar
Thank you so so so much!! I´m glad you like it :blowkiss: :heart:
CosplayerChain's avatar
Aww, sew cute ;u;
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